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Sup Juggalos/ettes antifuture here! Welcome to my wicked webpage. This page is dedicated to everyones favorite Serial Killaz....Dark Lotus! I love these guys!

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I am a skitzofrantic derranged mass murdera who loves I.C.P. Twiztid and Blaze! Thats about all you need to know juggalos/ettes.

Anyway I have several projects underway one being this webpage. This is my first webpage so if you think it sucks you can F*CK OFF! Give me a break damn. The second is a psychopathic collage. This is why I made this shitty ass page. See I need a little bit of help on this project, I have created a 3' by 4' collage of the psychopathic family. It has many pictures, ticket stubs and flyers related to the psychopathic team. This is where you come in, I have found a shitload of pictures off the web but I need a few more to complete my collage. You can check out some of what I have by going to my pics.

If you have any pics or know where I can get some I would appreciate if you would help this ninjette out by sending them or the link to them to me. Feel free to print off any of the pics I already have. Thanks Juggalos/ettes!

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Psychopathic Links

Insane Clown Posse (Official)
Twiztid (Official)
Blaze (Official)