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Current Roster

Welcome to the "under construction" home of clanZilla.

Server Information
Fragzilla (Founder and slow website designer)
Splatmanzilla (Co-Designer) (Rocket-man and Demolitions)
Dreadzilla (Ace Emper and Jedi Engy Master)
Stratzilla/Voodoozilla (Soldier Supreme and Death Spammer)
Hydzilla(Sniping rascal and killer Engy!
Wildmanzilla(I don't know yet!)

Foxzilla (Honorary member due to generosity!)

New member, Wildmanzilla, will hopefully be joining us for an all out "fragfest" on AKA Classic server Friday night! IP is listed on this page...get it..go..and gib!

Major revision to map section underway. I have new goals for this website now other than just being a "clan" site. Due to the overwhelming generosity of a wonderful friend in Austria, I now have a very large web-based storage facility. In fact he shall be named an honorary clanZilla flagbearer! [cZ}Foxzilla!
I'm tired of FilePlanet's scamming the user for a "personal server" (like 10,000 people are downloading Totalwar.bsp at once all of a sudden) so I am going through my extensive collection of maps and other assorted files for TFC and am going to post my own resource center.
Hopefully I'll get the patches, new maps, sprites, and anything else of interest!
    There is also a good possibility I will have a registered domain name and even more space for storage, but that will be a bit yet.
     Also, I am updatingg the polls with new topics so keep and eye on that, as well as forums should be up by Wednesday.
     I have posted three server favorites of clanZilla and I will be adding more servers as time permits throught the nest few days.

Please welcome our newest member, Hydzilla, to the fold. he's a sniper from the great southwest! Pop!

The maps are downloadable now as well as "temporary pages" up for the other roster members. It will take me sometime to get a full map download page going (I'm looking for free or cheap storage space) because my limit is 20mb on angelfire.  :(
If you are stopping by the page for the first time be sure to drop me a mail here or the clan here. Your input is important. We may be a small clan but we have a big plan! Ah, hell, I dunno it rhymes doesn't it? All other links should be live within next 18 hours, depends on the wife and kids sleep schedule.
Anyhoo, we are looking to accept possibly another three or four members, you know, double the size. Now before you read on or explore the site further I'll tell you now that we are not a competition clan (for one thing you can't be with just four members) or do we plan to be on the GL ladders (for another we all have jobs and families). We just wanna hang out and play a good clean game of TFC-- i.e., no cheating.
       I hope to get this website out to the masses and get linked on some cool sites so maybe we can get a little mini-reputation going, which means I'll have to stop cursing at the llamas! :( hehe, but for a good cause right?

Forum setup and testing phase -- ignore this link
Reliable Servers for our area which is the southern United States

!!!T-3 House o' Love

(L.S.D) Clan Server

*AKA* Classic

More here...(page under construction)


TFC Information Rock the Vote
Planet Fortress
Oodles and oodles of TFC Info from the Planet people
Please be patient with me as I am uploading the various map files even as you read this!
This leads to polls and will also lead to forums once I get all my ducks ina  row. So...whattya waiting for?

Go vote already!
(new polls under construction)

If you missed the first round of polls, you missed some good topics, but hey here is round 2!
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