The Key to Gramercy Park

Every night, looking for a fight
Thoughts on the left and the action's on the right
As you know the id wasn't meant to be starved
Face, white
Revenge of the Hittites
When you were inside and thought you'd take a walk in the park
Think someone's about to be carved

From the other side of the under scene
Through the boulevard of broken dreams
To find the Key to Gramercy Park
I got the Key to Gramercy
Where it's safe to afraid of the dark
Maybe there we can fuck by the heavenly stars
But I might miss breakin' in through the bars

In the other time of Mother Speed
Through evil eyes and make-believe
To where we bare the supremacy mark
And never look at the place, stay with what's pristine and touches you
Beware the perilous Central way
Something that could mean so much to you
Try, save a seat in the golden cage
The medium mass has yet to still say
"to simply pass, or rise from the grave"

Now I got the Key to Gramercy Park
I might miss breakin' in through the bars
On the way I'm alone but not afraid of the dark


Let's take the longest way through the hallways of your mind
Upon your knees, the phantom breeze of a shipwreck lost in time
Your envy mirror, the kelly fear adorns the walls in slime

Figure it out
Just like you used to do
In the absence of proud
That's when you're cursed to prove
Cleansed are men of all the mice
Past the pain we tend to strive
Or that's how it seems to beginners
Accept awards throughout our lives
To make young lovers intertwine
Perhaps the end will come tonight
So hooray for the Winners

A vast abyss
Where lie dismissed ideas of your and mine
But brought to kneel by the Grecian Seal
We join the family line
You'll never thrill the bold divisions in the sky
Of whom predestined you to always be the last in line

Because the Winner's young and bright
Let the heavens make it right
A warm and gentle breeze at night
Bereft you are of plans to gain no mystery
You're no suprise we're born to fight
Suck the marrow of life
the Winners forever preside

Brand New Love

The desperate eyes that close, maybe it goes away
Please rest tomorrow, and bring a satisfied day
The restless urge of love that's worth, the burning for
Surely it's that one comforting, love to give you more

And this thought can be that begins
The brand new tangled web you're spinning
Anyone can be your brand new love
Any time the force can be broken
To tear your bitter world to be open
Anyone can be your brand new love

You won't be the first
Your twisted change is normal
Gossip, dirt
Whisper to the nodding head, thrilled you fell apart instead of them
But they will, 'cause any hope for love can be killed
If you need a different face, it's definite time to destroy this place

Follow that you feel, you alone will decide what's real
Anyone can be your brand new love

Mansion World

Once upon and once up high
A dandy dreamed what means to die
What things to come as life rolls byv The core of human Equation
Tetragram presents a sign, a sign to saviourize
Turn around, I'd like to know you

Everywhere and every why, the answer lay beyond the sky
Pass through the seven satellites, pass on to the place we go to
Learn to read, to rhyme, to count your primes
An earthly education
Climb the tree of life in hopes to find
The mid-space time dilation

On the Mansion World the roles reverse
A slave becomes a master
On the Mansion World the souls converse
And life moves a little faster
We unify the universe to arrive in the everafter
In the Mansion World, I might like to know you

Now and then it comes to mind
I draw upon a long lost time
(so don't ask me why the angels dont cry 'cause you know what I've already told you)
Memories of Urantia girls
They race around my brain in swirls
(and you'll never ask me why the changes in the sky lead you upwards through the hole that you go through)
So now you're off, you've done your time
Prepare for the divine invasion
As the spirit binds morontia minds
Ascend to the cosmic nation

New Urantia girl, everything's below you

Lake Waramaug

Laid awake throughout the night
Today the school so loud, now it's all so quiet
I plan to pack light, 'cause tomorrow we'll fly
Taking off to a plce, a land that's not so far away

The boat 'bove our heads for the walk to the shore
As feelings of dread soak the length of the oar
Connecticut hillsides surround, the cloud soar

Dazed to the signs, I think back to times when gender crossed me
Miss all those Christamas', and the once careless Autumns
Though there's space betwixt us which desolves here, 'round when the fog clears
As we crept through the race, old friends would line the banks
Cheering on, as they played
Screaming all the lovely names
Then they'd start to file away, come dusk the time to rage

The boat 'bove our heads for the walk to the van
As luncheon awaits us, while all the girls tan
And social engagements commence by the sand
Now our days complete, we faced defeat but felt the cool breeze

Follow our dreams and hold the Lake in such dear regard
Against the best we've thrusted
But the justice came when the bow touched

The Elements

Through the mind we flee to space
As the shadows choose the place
Though afraid, my sleeper must awake
So I've used up all and left this time

Towards where we're falling
Glowing blue eyes upon me
Waste us, or make us slaves till death like the Paw-Nee or turn around and fake they're proud
I've found my true calling

Well beyond the mortal plane
Lies the place where one's life can be exchanged
No more conscience, no more pain
The now, the past, the future stays the same

Towards where we're falling
Glowing blue eyes upon me
Taste us, or make us slaves till death like the Paw-Nee or show the world exists without the day
As the tall one tries convincing us to stay
And live far away

Towards where we're falling
Glowing blue eyes upon me
Waste us, or make us slaves till death like the Paw-Nee or turn around and fake they're proud
I've found my true calling

Flowing Glower

Now you know
Places where I've lived when I couldn't grow
Downward you'll soon drift on the sailless boat
Nothing left to give
All I see is throat
Flowing Glower
Witless knower
Seedless sower
If it's all a lie, will you realize

Right before we die my soul leads to the wrong
Changeling of the night now that I bleed a song
Purely based on fright, sad with my face so long
I have this new sight
Flowing Glower
Witless knower
Five steps lower
If it's all a lie, will you realize

Numbed the pain, way high and real low
Now it all the same
Have love or feel so hollowed out with shame
Hoping to see the day
With my brand new name
Flowing Glower
Seedless sower
I'm bipolar
If I die tonight, will you be all right

Then in time you'll find
Thirst becomes boring
lest your heart and mind now that we're soaring
Over space and time, done with exploring
All you are is mine
Flowing Glower
Loopless thrower
Breathless blower
If it's all a lie, will you realize
Seek and you shall find everything inside
Read between the lines I'll show you the light
Here in the afterlife

Future Years

A morbid beauty glows in resonation
Mercurial signs they read
"make real our mind's true fascinations"
For now we're rollin' and kind of golden
As time keeps foldin' we're old when our poor souls depart
Whereas cold, cruel jokes now make you cry
One day you'll take them in your stride
All of the time we've resided here

You'll see our chalices rise with ever endless tears
And illusions, they fly, but someday soon will clear
Just sit back and recline, I'll guide you through the years

Through the future years
As they'll soon appear
Someday all too near
Now the distance clears

Bad ways which rule all the where's we go
Through bright and the gloom
Consecutive days and plain afternoons
The things in life, they pass the time
While those all around are bored
So we've come down in real demise
Trekked through all of the feelings with no tears in eyes
Kept fear veiled so it hides, life's never forced or dry
So there's nothing inside me, I just seem alive

Through the future years
As they'll soon appear
Present's lax as we rear
So if scars they sear
Just tie a silk sheet 'round your neck
And twist it till your face turn cherry red

She Likes Big Words

She comes from a land, Valencian winds
Deciduous daydreams, dressage 'round the bend
She's sometimes Miss Maybe, the mistress of when
A triptych of new touch from heaven to men

She likes nice cars, invincible trends
She bites the heads off her mutual friends
We dine at the table, she sits at the ends
She likes big words, and playing pretend

Come now dear boys, how where to begin
She's Ursula Major of the prism within
She's always in parties, she's plotting to win
Your sashes of New Ro from psychic to sin
Let down your void, your need to defend
So psuedo-mendacious she's cruel in bed
You'd think she was precious, something like you said
'Cause she's got the secrets in which fate depends

She likes nice cars, impossible trends
She bites the heads off her beautiful friends
We dine at the table, she sits at the ends
She likes the boys that meet her late by the glen


How the story rolls, magick's taught and histories told
A glory hole, which through gaze her eyes of gold
Those veins run cold, mystery's wife evades a soul
Scaring to and fro
Tearing through the snow as she makes her darling coat
Hoarding all the shoals, now her evil heinous woes
Kind of like Shakespearean prose, without the rose
Avid as she sows
Cruella grows
Horrus and Jasper stole, so let the horror flow

Black and white in hair, elegantly gaunt in frame
A bony flare which christened her with creepy grace
Always smoky air circling one Lurch/Hepburn face
In her head which filled the space was the one hellacious taste
As she aims her fate, nothing flees her sore embrace
As the biggest mistake that Cruella made
Was when she left her cave and started to reign
As the love for her fades, our feelings won't change
So my darling Cruella, we see through the gray

There's no reason to part from her cold lair
She has all of the loveliest and rare
Things which frighten at first, but you'll soon wear
And thinks elegant haunting is so fair
Taking strolls through the dark by the moon's glare
As she listens for barks in the night's air
Always searching for marks on the white hair
She's a regional spark from this nowhere
Cruel, you're so fair

Seagulls (the Macroprosopus)

Let us pretend love for they day
This life we live alludes to things away
Suppose in youth the soul depraves
But now suppose the truth's beyond the grave

So all in all we laughed the same tears
Of how we met upon the River Thames pier
Two hearts of gold just for the while
Two parts to stroll the endless mile
To tame the world again, let us keep resisting them
Defame your world, pretend, let us keep existing
So I look up at the night and ponder the sky
As I realize the sign where two points collide
Lead me safe towards the light as the heavens decline
Space fold in time, now let the planets align

Come dear, it's safe, we're past the plane
So now this sort of lift, the chance to change
Remember when we sailed along the Nile
Back then you'd turn your head, give me that smile
But through the systems flew the trine, because you stayed here
Till pachysandra thins away
End summer winds, the leaves'll change
We'll grow potatoes pass the days
And if you feel precocious lead the way
Up and lift, sink the same
I begin to sift, sift through the shame
I realize the gift, feel the rays
As I start to drift, drift away
Only all because we fade here
When all the notes we passed you saved
All juxtaposed and rearranged
In through the nighttime, out the day
But no it's gone forever turn the page

Le Cirque En Rose (Obsolescence)

Once far away, through a dimension adjacent the day
Transcending azure surrounds
One more try to hypnotize, a true-life suspension
But to always remain, in league with Poseidon
Another chance to undermine as the dead rose decides to come alive
We see how low birds can fly still it's yellow derriere the crystal eye
Come sign away, you can leave your worries behind
But like the winds we'll pass you by, fill your days with blandness

And now has come the time to defame an ill divine
The how determines a newer regime and who's the Constantine
Le Cirque En Rose
So crowned, we stroll through life
Never quit, rain or shine
Never question what's inside, till the last beat

So go fly away to that special place

Tom Sawyer

A modern day warrior mean mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer mean mean pride

Though his mind is not for rent
Don't put him down as arrogant
His reserve a quiet defense riding out the day's events

The River

What you say about his company is what you say about society
Catch the myth
Catch the myst
Catch the mystery
Catch the drift

The world is the world is love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide

Today's Tom Sawyer gets high on you
Within the space he invades, he gets by on you

Though his mind is not for rent
To any God or government
Always hopeless yet discontent
He knows changes aren't permanent
But change is...

Exit, the warrior Today's Tom Sawyer
He gets by on you and the energy you trade
He gets right on to the friction of the day


We gather today, with ill invitation
To commence here, under the sun, a black congregation
Some know me the hellion, the stranger among us
Some know me the maggid, in moments the malign Alumnus
Throughout my tenure, my time in the Mansion...a coven arose, descendants truly Urantian

Now please listen close, divide your attention
An honor presides the Negus has yet failed to mention
We've altered the premise, and renounced the maxims...lo and behold, the first row, tears of Gog
At last, the sky falls...rain the angels