Current News

01/11/02 - BLOODFED, along with long-time friends 6 Cylinder and Groove Monster, rocked the shit out of Miss Cheryl's Saloon in El Dorado last night. It was the first ever (but sure as hell NOT the last) "metal night" at the coolest bar in this whole county. Lots of alcohol was consumed by those involved. Everyone is looking forward to playing there again, probably the first Thursday in February. Check out our shows page for more info.

01/08/02 - Well, we did it. Kinda. We just got back from Long Beach after taking a weekend to lay down the rough mix of 9 songs for our upcoming demo at Dillinger Studios. Lots of drinking and music and partying and a great big thanks to Norman Dillinger and Zero Times Zero for all the help and support while we were there. Go download a couple of our songs to whet your appetite and get you in the mood to pay lots of money for the full length version we'll be releasing sometime at the end of January.