Full violent velocity. BLOODFED is a non-stop vortex of power, agression, and rage. By combining crushing rhythms, devastating leads, pounding beats, and frantic licks with vocals that range from agressive screams to quick freestyle rap; Bloodfed transcends the average metal band with their unique blend of power and precision. Formed in Summer of 2001 by Cody Dillinger (guitar), Marc Nocerino (bass), Tom Bozarth (drums), Jeromy Ray (guitar) , and Jeremy Garret (vocals) Bloodfed began hitting the scene in December and has been playing steadily ever since. In January of '02 Bloodfed began recording on their first demo which will tentatively feature 7 songs. Influences consist of such bands as Slayer, Testament, Slipknot, Pantera, Korn, Sepultura, and Vio-Lence. BLOODFED is focused and determined, and will not stop until they have reached as many people as possible.

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