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ALT Anime Links and other Things

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'You have reached the page for X:1999. The series X:1999 follows the story of a young boy named Kamui, who has a preordained destiny to either save or destroy humanity. The problem is that building up to the year 1999, humanity has near destoryed the earth. And it comes down to the decision of which shall be saved; humanity, or mother nature.

Kamui's decision is to save humanity, but he does not realise that along the way he will lose all of his reasons to live. That is Fuuma Monou; who, being his twin-star and also in a way Kamui's older brother after his mother's death becomes his enemy, and Katori Monou, Fuuma's sister who he promised he would marry ends up being killed towards the end. All of Kamui's friends and colleagues in the faction named 'The Dragons of Heaven' who protect humanity, end up dying, and Fuuma's colleagues all die too, with Fuuma himself being killed by Kamui at the very end, and the younger breaking down in tears.

He'd lost everything and everyone he cared about and now had no reason for the world to exist.

So the question remains:

What would you choose?

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