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ALT - Anime Links and other Things: Weiss Kreutz

ALT Anime Links and other Things: Weiss Kreutz

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'. This is the section with information on Weiss Kreutz. The anime follows the story of four young men named Aya, whose weapon is a katana ( a type of sword ), Ken, whose weapon is a glove with blades attached to it, Omi, who will use either a crossbow, a bow or throwing knives and Youji, whose weapon is simply a wire, who work as florists. The are in fact brought together by their real job, the fact that they are assassins trying to prevent the taking over of the world by evil forces and the Takatori clan. Their faction, the group of assassins living in the area are called Weiss ( that is White in German ).

The Takatori clan have hired many teams aswell to banish those against them, teams of assassins like Schwarz. Schwarz ( meaning Black in German ) include a psycotic Irish knife weilder named Farfarello, a gun weilding killer named Brad, a telepath named Schuldig, and a very young telekinetic ( the most powerful of all of the characters ) named Nagi.

The show follows their battles, and off screen events aswell as the more important missions. It even alights some other things, for instance the fact that Omi is actually a member of the Takatori clan, who was lost before he knew who he was. It is a very good story - and I do suggest it for anybody who's not come into contact with it before.

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