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ALT - Anime Links and other Things: Ruruoni Kenshin

ALT Anime Links and other Things: Ruruoni Kenshin

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'. This is the section with information on Ruruoni Kenshin. Ruruoni Kenshin follows the story of the prodigy of the original Ruruoni, Aoshi, who has passed on his skills to Kenshin; a red haired, and charming martial artist. Kenshin leaves his home and takes up a new home with Kaoru in her dojo. all he has to do is work with her - it's as simple as that.

However nothing is ever as simple as that. Kenshin finds himself hunted not only by enemies of his father and old home, but also of new enemies - and Cupid.

The film was made before the series and tells the story of Aoshi and the young Kenshin trying to proove himself. It tells of how Kenshin got the double scar across his face in a battle, which 'scarred his innocence and made him forever a fighter.'

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