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ALT - Anime Links and other Things: Gundam Wing

ALT Anime Links and other Things: Gundam Wing

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'. This is the section with information on Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing follows the slow corruption of the Earth by War and the uprise of Martial Law about the entire world. In order to prevent this spreading to the colonies about the Earth; five asteroid containing mobile suits ( that is - big robots ) and five pilots are sent to Earth.

Since the pilots have no knowledge of each other they slowly find each other and make friends ( barely ) and the rest of the series follows the war within the system, which almost ends up with the destruction of the Earth, when an enormous Destroyer built by the ones who want control of the Earth and the colonies, is sent plummeting towards the atmosphere.

In a last desperate attempt the hero of the story send his mobile suit before it, turns and fires upon it's reactor core, sending up an amazing burst of fireworks to light up the Earth's sky.

The film which was made after the series follows the daughter of one of the bad guys as she tries to continue her father's legacy, and the pilots are called back just before they attempt to destroy their mobile suits, to prevent the destruction of the solar system again.

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