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ALT - Anime Links and other Things: King of Fighters

ALT Anime Links and other Things: King of Fighters

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'. This is the section with information on King of Fighters. King of Fighters is also a console game based on many different types of people coming to a championship. The known rival of Street fighter it is a popular arcade game too and has been going since early '93; the first game being released in '94: thus King of Fighters '94. The game used to be a one on one game, but has gone up to team of three characters facing each other with the addition of more characters and the plot thickening.

Unlike Tekken and Final Fantasy, King of Fighters is released every year, with there being a little lag in 2001.

the plot revolves around a tournament that started in '94 in order for one particularly rich man to prove his dominance over a broken little town. After the first man is killed mysteriously someone else takes over the tournament for their own gains, etcetera.

Two people in particular have a plot of their own. These are Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Iori is actually the heir of a clan named Hasshaku that split of from the Kusanagi family 1600 years ago and caused a fight between the two clans over who was strongest. The fight has continued to today, with only Iori taking it seriously while Kyo dosses around in high-school and generally does nothing: but he never passes!

The Kusanagi clan have control of a red flame however; though Iori is of the same bloodline - his flame is purple. This is because, many years before the Orochi (an eight headed snake God ) had made a deal with the clan leader of the Hasshaku and poisoned their flame - thus making it purple.

However, Iori is now embodied with a curse, where if he does not kill the heir of the Kusanagi clan he will be overtaken by the demon God himself - thus killed. The first signs of this are moments of rage where Iori's eyes become red and he is intent on eating Kyo. Strange...

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