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ALT: Series and game information

ALT Anime Links and other Things : Series and Game information

Welcome to 'ALT'. That is 'Anime Links and other Things'You've reached the page for information on the series with objects being sold here.

ALT was spawned as part of my Internet Project for GCSE IT. Only half course, of course. Because of this it has many sorts of interesting but probably useless things on it which are only there so I make sure to try and get as many marks as possible. Please remember that I am not actually selling anything. Here are the links to the series and games that I have gathered information on.

||| ~X-1999~ ||| ~Gundam Wing~ ||| ~Fushigi Yuugi~ ||| ~Weiss Kreutz~ ||| ~Kenshin~ ||| ~Trigun~ ||| ~Final Fantasy~ ||| ~Street Fighter~ ||| ~King of Fighters~ ||| ~Tekken~ |||