I Hate Humans

I hate humans.
They disgust me.
Nauseate me.
Stupid insipid petty weak
filthy vile little creatures who sleaze about
fucking with my peace of mind
fucking with my sanity and hope
imbuing me with hate
for them.
for all.
I loath other humans.
They attack me
insult me
dare to interact with me unbidden. uninvited
disgusting me with their unwanted presence.
wasting my time with their trivial nothing existence.
I revile all humans.
I long for their deaths.
unnatural, painful,
not too suddenly
but quickly enough.
I would gladly pull the trigger
push the button
flip the switch
twist the knife
whatever it took
and even if I died with them
it would be better than living with them.
I hate them.
I hate everyone I've ever encountered.
And I hate You.