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(7-18-02)Well, tagboard is down. Shit is slow. Im tired of this gay ass site.....FUCK! Anyway I want all of you to check out , in my opinion its the best site for your prog,cracker,trojan...etc. needs! so go check it out!


(7-5-02)Sup well I got tired of fuckin with this and i think programming is really boring- i didnt even finish this one so click Here to download it-p3@cE-Pupp3t

(7-2-02)Another day another update-sooo.... I'm gonna match the scrollbars to the tables and frames later and im gonna make a full layout tomorrow probably-ill have links to my email and shit later on too- pm me if im on if u need anything-

(6-28-02)Sup-Just got back from The st.louis arch. You prolly dont know, im from STL. Anyway i got sum pics from the top and i might post up the pics. anyway nuthin much is goin on- post some ideas on my tagboard plz?-p3@cE~pupp3t

(6-26-02)Sup,Just updating. Like tha new layout? Well I was tired of the gay ass origional red layout so I changed to blue. I'll make it a cooler color blue later but I'm drunk as hell from jello shots and I need to lay my loopy ass down!- Anyway I'll have ALL the pages up soon.PM me on Yahoo! If you need anything! P3@c3-Pupp3t

(6-14-02)Yo-Whats up.The downloads,some of pics n' vids,about,members,anarchy,& links are all up! I'll be workin on tha site all day today- Keep ur eyes out. P3@cE-Pupp3t