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Hi Folks


Kenny wishes to share a few tales with everyone~



Home Ground

Let’s start with our man of the month, WOLF:


The handsome southern man appears sharply on the University of Canterbury homepage.
Seductive, irresistible & in focus.
If you’re thinking about study aboard, think Canterbury.


All right, let’s get real and start the insulting!


Top 10 reasons behind Clint’s ground staring:


10.   He shagged a sheep the night before and still enjoying the moment

9.       He was being shy, despite he’d been caught cross-dressing in several occasion before

8.       He was trying to maintain a low profile avoiding Kingan’s Soprano family.

7.       He was sending txt to some chick, or just getting some last minute Speech & Language Therapy

6.       He haunted by the guiltiness from plotting Darlin 3 years ago.

5.       He likes the black gown more than any normal heterosexual male should

4.       He'd been growing that goatee since December 2001, and by graduation April 2002 that was all he could muster

3.       He was overwhelmed graduating ahead of Sam Clake

2.       He was suffering “Larson Daily Insult” withdrawal symptoms

1.       Hang over dating back to his one-time “kissing-the-toilet-floor” act still kicking



East Finchley


Mr Silent Sifter is all fired up joining Mr Rolls Royce’s big family;

despite he has to let go of his SUPER HOT saffa flatmate Emma.


(Though decision bro!)


On top of that, approximately 1 month ago,

He got kick out of his flat,


Rumours has been flying around that he may have done something,

Let’s say “something” to the landlady that she ever forgets.

Came with a restraining order also.



County Surrey


Road accident happened right outside Kenny’s work, often.

This was the fourth time this year at the same spot.

Rescue chopper landed right out the office in a less than 5 metres distance.


Kenny will have to cross that bridge everyday, for the next 5 years.


Kenny’s ISO9001 Compliance Desk

Electrical Engineer, Who?

Good for attending all meetings, gatherings and surveys for you, then wait them come back and tell you, “What a bunch of poofter!”.


Drawings, keep it blank

All it needs is one note: “The Contractor shall allow for everything, include the design engineer’s works.”


In Tray, always empty

Out Tray, always full

It is essential to put down as many corresponds as possible to slow down the document turn over rate, in accordance with ISO 9001.

PC, everything

Always keep a full on CAD drawing on screen during working hours, & CT after 5. .




The United Kingdom


*  As you may have heard, all fire fighters are on strike, for 8 days!!

* They request public to show their support by hooting, and frankly they are well respected & popular.

* Whilst Edward Pearce’s office situated right next to a fire brigade.

Now Try Imagine:

Just heard news today about another 8 days next week, bugger!



* Demand for engineers are still going strong

* Rumours has been flying around that the market may collapses in the next 1-2 years

due to price competition & shortage in work force supply

* Does anybody know how to design smoke extraction for stage performance?


After the Moscow siege, this kinda of thingee got a bit winded up.



Willesden Green


Kenny is preparing to move out after ran into trouble, as usual…

& gained his first restraining order in UK.

So he has to find somebody to take over his room.


One of the potential candidates:

Say hello to Kristina from Germany

(Honestly man I didn’t make this shit up!) rocks!!

(whilst this WWW was being produced the room has been taken by an Australian lady)



32a Maybury Gardens


Scout returned to London after having ravaged several European women.

(Well obviously the original line has been modified)


The first class honoured individual managed locking himself in between the front doors.


He called up Surrey for help:

Kenny had a good long laugh, then called the real estate agent;

The real estate agent had a good long laugh, and then called the landlady;

The land lady had a good long laugh, and then called a her locksmith;

The locksmith had a good long laugh, and then called a second locksmith;

The 2nd locksmith had a good long laugh, and then replied with a quote;

The 1st locksmith had a good long laugh, again, and then replied with the quote;

The landlady had a good long laugh, again, and then replied to real estate agent;

The real estate agent had a good long laugh, again, and then replied to Kenny;

Kenny had a good long laugh, again, and then replied to Larson “You are screwed”


Eventually he was released from the atrium 2 hours later.



32 Maybury Gardens


In an attempt to prevent same fiasco happen twice,

Kenny stuck a note onto the front door:


Dear Sunshine’s


          Kept the front door’s dead-lock unlock, will you?




At the end of the day, a respond fired back:




          There is no such person living here name Sunshine.


          It is not appropriate to refer anybody this way.


          The door will be locked due to…










Your Landlady





No place to be named for possible deniability purposes





Day 1

Aboard ferry to French




mid night

Power chundering on the coach


Barely survived the remaining ride



Day 2

Straight to *coffee shop*

for breakfast & “coffee”





Windows Shopping

Had some banana




Day 3

Beer for breakfast


Wasted b4 noon



Then “coffees”


Smashed, very


Canal Curies


, with zero recollection

Day 4

Vegetarian breakfast






Made it back home,




Day 5

Back to work,


Still pretty fucked throughout the morning:

“Woo man, that’s groovy”

“Woo man, that’s nice”

“Woo man, everything is under control”

“Woo man, you got a fax, that’s super cool man”


Until got called into the boss’ office…












Day 1

Got Wasted


Day 2


Got Wasted


“Chunder blow”

Came very handy

Day 3


Got Wasted


Day 4


Got Wasted

Day 5

Got Wasted




Nice one to:


* Mr Beeds in Auckland for getting settled into his nice, & sex appealing new mansion

* Cookie in the Southland for his $100k position

* Jade’s baby

* Anna’s baby

* Nikki for work accomplishment & proven big intellectual capacity does not equate wisdom

* Annabell for making the best decision got himself a PS2

* Slog for successfully learned to swim and scored the diving licence

* Mr Hall for promoting from the stove burner division into the BBQ burner division

* Lord Sick Puppy for his gaining his black belt and remained in one piece

* Foster for almost completed transformation from Peter Griffin into Ned Flanders

* Again to Slog, for newly becoming the skipper of his own yacht



Putney SW15


Whilst Kenny’s preparing this seasonal WWW,

and whilst everybody are still sleeping,

and whilst the restraining order is still in effective,

he moved, ...


to a quiet place, in order to kick start rehab.


Check out the new place!!

Surrounded with

greens & trees


Only a few km’s from Wimbledon Tennis ground;

Strong in local culture;

Filled with well behave flatmates;

& Next to good old traditional English style market…


Rehabilitation? Yeah right!!


36 Timsbury Walk, London SW15 4LN





For those who wouldn’t take the X as an offence: