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Louisiana Books

Louisiana State Capitol Grounds


1. Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records Volume 1-19

2. Marriage Dispensations In The Diocese Of Louisiana And The Floridas: 1786-1803 By Shiley C. Bourquard

3. The Historic Indian Tribes Of Louisiana By Fred B. Kniffen, Hiran FD Gregory George A. Stokes

4. Source Material On The History Of The Ethnology Of The Caddo Indians By John R. Swanton

5. The German Coast by Glenn R. Conrad

6. The "Foreign French" Nineteenth-Century French Immigration into Louisiana Volume 1 1820-1839 Volume 2 By Carl A. Brasseaux

7. Louisiana Colnials: Soldiers and Vagabonds By Winston deVille

8. The Territory Of Orleans 1803-1812

9. Chahta-ina And St.Tammany's Choctaws By Blaise C. D'Antoni

10. New Orleans French 1720-1733 By Winston De Ville

11. On the Tunica Trail By Jeffrey P. Brain

12. The Indians of Louisiana By Fred B. Kniffen

13. The first Families of Louisiana Volume 1,2 By Glenn R. Conrad

14. Louisiana Place-Names of Indian Origin By William A. Read

15. Federal Land Grants in the Territory of Orleans By Charles R. Maduell

16. Louisiana Folklife (LA Guide to the State)

17. History of The Acadians By Bona Arsenault

18. The Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisisana History

Volume 1 The French Experience in Louisiana

Volume 2 Spanish Presence in Louisiana

Volume 3 The Louisiana Purchase

Volume 4 Reconstructing Louisiana

Volume 5 Louisiana Politics and the Paradoxes of Reaction Aand Reform 1877-1928

Volume 6 The Age of the Longs Louisiana 1928-1960

Volume 7 Louisiana Since the Longs 1960 to Century's End

Volume 8 A Refuge for All Ages:Immigigration in Louisiana History

Volume 9 The African American Experience in Louisiana

Part A: From Africa to the CivilWar

Part B: From The Civil War to Jim Crow

Volume 10 An Uncommon Experience Law and Judicial Institutions in Louisiana, 1803-2003

Volume 11 Visions and Revisions Perspectives on Louisiana Society and Culture

Volume 12 Agriclture and Economic Development in Louisiana

Volume 13 Education in Louisiana

 19.Jackson Parish Louisiana

 20.Grant Parish Louisiana

 21.A Look At Louisiana 's First Century 1804-1903

 22. Company G 1st Reginent Louisisa Cavalry CSA by Nelson Gremillion

 23.Saint-Jean-Baptist des Allemands by Genn R Conrad
About: Abstracts of the Cicil Records of St.John the Baptist Parish with Genealogy and
Index 1753-1803

 24. St.Charles by Genn R Conrad About:Abstracts of the Cicil Records of St.Charles Parish 1770-1803

 25. Marriage Contracts of the Opelousas Post 1766-1803 Translated and abstracted
by Jacqueline O. Vidrine and Winston De Ville

 26. German "Pest Ships" 1720-1721 Compiled and Translated Alice D. Forsyth and Earlene L. Zeringue

 27. Jackson Parish, Louisiana Marriage Records 1880-1912 Compiled By. Willie Huffman Farley and Wanda Volentine Head

 28. Time and place in New Orleans : past geographies in the present day by. Richard Campanella

 29. Masking and madness : Mardi Gras in New Orleans by. Kerri McCaffety

 30. The Louisiana Purchase : a historical and geographical encyclopedia

 31. Louisianians in the Civil War

 32. Capturing Oak Alley : visions of a Louisiana Great River Road plantation

 33. Christmas at Oak Alley Plantation

 34. Etouffée, mon amour : the great restaurants of New Orleans by. Kerri McCaffety

 35. No cross, no crown : black nuns in nineteenth-century New Orleans by. Mary Bernard

 36. Gardens of New Orleans : exquisite excess by. Lake Douglas

 37. Civil birth and death registers for the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1874-1918
by. Baton Rouge : Le Comité des archives de laLouisiane,

 38. St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery : Baton Rouge, Louisiana by . Baton Rouge :
Le Comité des archives de laLouisiane,

 39. Louisiana & the Deep South

 40. The Weill side of Louisiana politics by. Gus Weill

 41. Along the river road : past and present on Louisiana's historic byway
by. Mary Ann Sternberg

 42. Dark and bloody ground : the Battle of Mansfield and the forgotten Civil War in Louisiana
by. Thomas Ayres

 43. The top 50 tourist attractions of Cajun country

 44. Louisiana : the First 300 years

 45. A Black patriot and a white priest

 46. South Louisiana field trips by. Julia Rose

 47. Bossier Parish, Louisiana, abstracts of will books A-B, 1845-1924 ;
Alphabeti cal index to probate packets, 1843-1914 by. Bill O'Daniel

 48. Cemetery inscriptions of Richland Parish, Louisiana by.Claudie E. Hodges

 49. Selected papers by Winston De Ville : a collection of articles for
colonial genealogy and history

 50. Iberville's Discovery of Bayou Goula & Iberville Parish, Louisiana
by.Edward N.Engolio

 51. Civil War pensions in Louisiana, 1924-1933 : veterans & widows

 52. Spain's Louisiana patriots in its 1779-1783 war with England during
the American Revolution by.Granville W.Hough

 53. History and Legend of New Hope Plantation and Folklore in Louisiana

 54. Let us prey : the public trial of Jimmy Swaggart

 55. Mammon and Manon in early New Orleans : the first slave society in the
Deep South, 1718-1819 by. Thomas N.Ingersoll

 56. The Louis Armstrong companion : eight decades of commentary

 57. Calendar of the Natchez Trace collection provinical & territorial documents

 58. Louisiana's Acadian homes and their history by.Nola Mae Ross

 59. Louisiana in the age of Jackson : a clash of cultures and personalities
by.Joseph George Tregle

 60. Louisiana during World War II : politics and society, 1939-1945
by.Jerry Purvis Sanson

 61. New Orleans then and now by. Richard Campanella

 62. Spaniards, planters, and slaves : the Spanish regulation of slavery in
Louisiana, 1763-1803 Gilbert C.Din

 63. Month-by-month gardening in Louisiana by. Dan Gill

 64. Bibliography of Louisiana parish history : a sourcebook for local history
by. H. Glenn Jordan

 65. History of Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church and cemetery inscriptions
: Ascension Parish, Donaldsonville, Louisiana by.Essie Joseph

 66. Our Acadiana : a pictorial history of south Louisiana by.Jim Bradshaw

 67. Jazz man's journey : a biography of Ellis Louis Marsalis, Jr.
by.D. Antoinette Handy

 68. The Spanish in New Orleans and Louisiana
by.Mena Montero de Pedro, José, marqués de Casa

 69. On the banks of Plaquemine Brulée : une histoire de la La Pointe de
l'eglise : Church Point, Louisiana by.Gene Thibodeaux

 70. Lewis and Clark : explorers of the Louisiana Purchase by.Richard Kozar

 72. 1997 census of agriculture. Volume 1, Part 18, Geographic area series.
Louisiana, state and

 73. A history of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana by.Brian J.Costello

 74. Jimmie Davis 100th birthday souvenir history-picture book

 75. Cemetery inscriptions of Jackson Parish, Louisiana by., Claudie E.Hodges

 76. The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, 1999 Induction Ceremonies, June 26,
Natchitoches, NSU Student Union Ballroom, "40th anniversary of our first induction class

 77. Louisiana gardener

 78. Slavery and medicine : enslavement and medical practices in antebellum Louisiana
by. Katherine Kemi Bankole

 79. Madison Parish, Louisiana tax rolls, 1879 & 1881 by. Richard P. Sevier

 80. Louisiana hayride : the glory years, 1948-1960

 81. Louisiana recruits : ship lists of Winston De Ville

 82. The Louisiana Purchase by. Gail Sakurai

 83. El Nuevo Constante : investigation of an eighteenth century Spanish shipwreck
off the Louisiana coast

 84. A wetland biography : seasons on Louisiana's Chenier Plain by.Gay M.Gomez

 85. Irish rebels, Confederate tigers : the 6th Louisiana Volunteers, 1861-1865
by.James P.Gannon

 86.Indexes to seamen's protection certificate applications and proofs of
citizenship : ports of New Orleans, Louisiana, 1808-1821,... ; record group 36, records
of the Bureau of Customs, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC

 87. Huey Long invades New Orleans : the siege of a city, 1934-36 by.Garry Boulard

 88. Louisiana architecture : a handbook on styles by.Jonathan Fricker

 89. The Louisiana Purchase : a century of observations by.Binger Hermann

 90. Church history and cemetery listing, Napoleonville, Louisiana by.Essie Joseph

 91. One hundred fifty years of service by. St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (Innis, La.

 92. Early settlers of the Florida Parishes of Louisiana: Erwin edition including
families of Bigner, Rogers, Adams, Galloway, Lucas, Spears, Jenkins,Jones,Johnson and
many others by. Frederick L. Watts.

 93. Louis Armstrong : king of jazz by. Wendie C. Old

 94. Louisiana museum guide : a directory of Louisiana museums and historic sites

 95. The homes of Baton Rouge

 96. First ladies of Louisiana

 97. Charles Gayarré : Louisiana historian and politician

 98. Dictionary of Louisiana Creole

 99. Touched by war : battles fought in the Lafourche district by.Christopher G.Peña

 100. Southern comfort : the Garden District of New Orleans by.S. Frederick Starr

 101. War along the bayous : the 1864 Red River Campaign in Louisiana
by.William R.Brooksher

 102. A genealogy and history of the Bazet family of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

 103. The Louis Armstrong odyssey : from Jane Alley to America's jazz ambassador
by. Dempsey Travis

 104. Bounded lives, bounded places : free Black society in colonial New Orleans  105. New Orleans Irish : famine exiles by. John Finn

 106. Louisiana sugar plantations during the Civil War by.Charles Pierce Roland

 107. Louis Armstrong : an extravagant life by. Laurence Bergreen

 108. The gardens of Louisiana : places of work and wonder by. A. J. Meek

 109. German Coast families : European origins and settlement in colonial Louisiana
Albert J. Robichaux

 110. Cemeteries of Madison Parish, Louisiana by.Richard P. Sevier

 111. Fort Butler, 1863, Donaldsonville, Louisiana William A.Spedale

 112. Sabine Parish history by. Samuel J. Touchstone

 113. New Orleans cemeteries : life in the cities of the dead

 114. Louisiana, a history

 115. Let the good times roll! : a guide to Cajun & zydeco music by.Patricia Nyhan

 116. Earliest recorded Madison Parish, Louisiana marriages, 1866-1880 by.Richard P. Sevier

 117. Pointe Coupee documents, 1762-1803 : a calendar of civil records for the province
of Louisiana by. Winston De Ville

 118. Louisiana's wildlife worth watching by. Dan Dennett

 119. Louisiana Mardi Gras a historical guide to the state's carnival parades
outside New Orleans by. Brian J Costello

 120. New Orleans in the gilded age : politics and urban progress, 1880-1896
by.Joy J. Jackson

 121. Snakes of Louisiana by.Jeff Boundy

 122. A pocket guide to Louisiana native trees

 123. Historic New Orleans cemetery, Lafayette #1 by. Fred Hatfield

 124. St. Stephen's Episcopal Cemetery, Innis, Louisiana : its past and present
by.Norma Rice Brooks

 125. Revolution, romanticism, and the Afro-Creole protest tradition in Louisiana,
1718-1868 by.Caryn Cossé Bell

 126. 1840 Louisiana state wide census index by. Frances Terry Ingmire

 127. Acadia Parish, Louisiana by.Mary Alice Fontenot

 128. A history of the Louisiana Society, Sons of the American Revolution : the first
100 years and Bruns D'Aunoy Redmond

 129. Cemetery inscriptions of Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

 130. Bossier Parish headstones : a complete inventory of all known cemeteries, family
plots, and lone burials by.Clifton D.Cardin

 131. Legacies & legends of Winn Parish

 132. The second battle of New Orleans : the hundred-year struggle to integrate the
schools by.Liva Baker

 133. Louisiana Purchase by.A.E. Hotchner

 134. Louisiana gardener's guide : the what, where, when, how & why of gardening in
Louisiana by.Dan Gill

 135. Mardi Gras : New Orleans by. Henri Schindler

 136. Conspiracy unveiled; the Huey P. Long assassination : the unforgettable and
unfortunate life of Jessica Lauren Fields, a historical novel based on a true story by. Duel Stone

 137. General Lafayette : citizen of Louisiana by.Leroy Ellis Willie

 138. The Louisiana and Arkansas Railway : the story of a regional line
by. James R. Fair

 139. German ancestors and patriots of Louisiana by. Leroy Ellis Willie

 140. Spanish and natives of Louisiana who served under General Don Bernardo de Galvez
in his campaigns against the British by.Leroy Ellis Willie

 141. City of the dead : a journey through St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans,
Louisiana by. Robert Florence

 142. Discovering the women in slavery : emancipating perspectives on the American past

 143. Treasure in Louisiana : a treasure hunter's guide to the Bayou State
by. John Edward Miller

 144. The Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog by. Don Abney

 145. Louisana, yesterday and today : a historical guide to the state by. John Wilds

 146. Manchac Swamp : Louisiana's undiscovered wilderness by.Julia Sims

 147. Pistols and politics : the dilemma of democracy in Louisiana's Florida parishes,
1810-1899 by.Samuel C. Hyde

 148. St. Martin Parish cemeteries

 149. Jean Laffite : prince of pirates by.Jack C.Ramsay

 150. Satchmo's blues by.Alan Schroeder

 151. Mahalia Jackson : queen of gospel song by. Leslie Gourse

 152. Louisiana, why stop? : a guide to Louisiana's roadside historical markers
by.Marael Johnson

 153. A medley of cultures : Louisiana history at the Cabildo by.Kimberly S.Hanger

 154. The Kingfish and the Constitution : Huey Long, the First Amendment, and
the emergence of modern press freedom in America by.Richard C. Cortner

 155. 1910 United States census for St. Helena Parish Louisiana /transcribed by the
St. Helena Historical Association

 156. Hammond Army Air Field and early aviation in the Hammond area by.Leon Ford

 157. St.Landry Parish, Louisiana : an archival guide to local Louisiana governmental
records by.Keith P. Fontenot

 158. Bellocq : photographs from Storyville, the red-light district of New Orleans
by. E. J. Bellocq

 159. The New Orleans Cabildo : colonial Louisiana's first city government, 1769-1803
by.Gilbert C. Din

 160. Tour Guide : Louisiana's beautiful scenic byways.

 161. 1911 Terrebonne Parish school census: Black families by. Serena Abbess Haymon

 162. 1915 Terrebonne Parish school census: white families by. Serena Abbess Haymon

 163. Selected final pension payment vouchers, 1818-1864, Louisiana, New Orleans

 164. Mardi Gras fun : Mardi Gras pictures and patterns, also activities, crafts, and
bulletin board ideas by. Christine Menard

 165. Dixie debates : perspectives on Southern cultures

 166. Cemetery inscriptions of Webster Parish, Louisiana by.John C. Head

 167. Louisiana African-Americans

 168. A history of Seventh-day Adventists in Arkansas and Louisiana : 1888-1996
By Charles R. Beeler

 169. Way down yonder in Plaquemines by.Janice P. Buras

 170. All on a Mardi Gras day : episodes in the history of New Orleans Carnival
by.Reid Mitchell

 171. Passport's guide to ethnic New Orleans : a complete guide to the many
faces & cultures of New Orleans by. Martin Hintz

 172. Race & democracy : the civil rights struggle in Louisiana, 1915-1972
by.Adam Fairclough

 172. The Civil War diary of The Civil War diary of Clara Solomon : growing
up in New Orleans, 1861-1862 by. Clara Solomon

 173. Compendium of the Confederate armies. Louisiana by.Stewart Sifakis

 174. White gold : a brief history of the Louisiana sugar industry,
1795-1995 by. Glenn R. Conrad

 175. Huey Long : the Kingfish of Louisiana by. Suzanne LeVert

 176. The Church of the Assumption through the years Plattenville, Louisiana
by. Celine B. Verret

 177. The Louisiana Native Guards : the Black military experience during the
Civil War by. James Hollandsworth

 178. David Duke and the politics of race in the South

 179. Mardi Gras : a Cajun country celebration by.Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

 180. Genealogical and historical abstracts of legal records of Saint Helena
Parish, Louisiana, 1804-1870 : successions (probates and wills), 1804-1854 ; tax
assessment rolls, 1823, 1824, 1826 ; marriages, 1811-1870 by.E. Russ Williams

 181 Some Confederate soldiers buried in Louisiana and some Louisiana
Confederates buried in other states by. N. Wayne Cosby

 182. Huey at 100 : centennial essays on Huey P. Long

 183. Fonville Winans' Louisiana : politics, people, and places by.Cyril E.Vetter

 184. Memories : a pictorial history of South Louisiana music, 1910s-1990s
by.Johnnie Allan

 185. Louisiana's households of free people of color residing outside of
Orleans Parish & the city of New Orleans in 1810 & 1820 by.Vincent M.Roux

 186. Sacred beliefs of the Chitimacha Indians by. Faye Stouff

 187. Memoirs of a Cajun bishop by. Warren Louis Boudreaux

 188. Senator Allen Ellender of Louisiana : a biography by.Thomas Becnel

 189. 1830's pre-emption entries on the backlands of New River, Louisiana,
in conflict with the Houmas land claim by. Henry W Gautreau

 190. Ponchatoula historical records Perrin James Morris

 191. Spanish Poste d' Ouachita : the Ouachita Valley in colonial Louisiana, 1783-1804, and early American statehood, 1804-1820 by. E. Russ Williams

 192. Slave cultures and the cultures of slavery

 193. Louisiana Indian studies : a selected bibliography by. Michael James Foret

 194. On to New Orleans! : Louisiana's heroic 1811 slave revolt : a brief history &
documents relating to the rising of slaves in January 1811, in the territory of Orleans
by. Albert Thrasher

 195. Mississippi Valley mélange : a collection of notes and documents for the
genealogy and history of the province of Louisiana and the territory of Orleans
by.Winston De Ville

 196. Strohmeiers of New Orleans : a genealogical memoir of three Strohmeier
immigrants from Hannover, Germany by.John William Baxter

 197. Flags of Louisiana by. Jeanne Frois

 198. Academy of St. Basil : a forgotten chapter in Louisiana history

 199. Beyond the great house : archaeology at Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation
Jill-Karen Yakubik

 200. Anna Williams : her quilts and their influence by.Katherine Watts

 201. Gumbo roots

 202. Chapels, churches, and cathedrals of Louisiana : a collection of historic
and interesting churches of the parish state by. Barbara Ferris Thornhill

 203. From where we came, 1614-1996 : the first family to settle in South Louisiana
by. Julius Charles Arceneaux

 204. Documents and published materials used in preparing from where we came,
1614-1996 : the first family to settle in South Louisiana by. Julius Charles Arceneaux

 205. Mardi Gras!by.Suzanne M. Coil

 206. Tiger in a lion's den : adventures in LSU basketball by Dalr Brown

 207. Gardening for butterflies in Louisiana : a guide for gardeners, educators,
and enthusiasts by.Gary Noel Ross

 208. Harding Field : Baton Rouge's army airbase during WWII by. Randy Holden

 209. History of Washington Parish, Louisiana, 1798-1992 : the story of a land and
people on three rivers: the Pearl, the Bogue Chitto, and the Tangipahoa in southeast
Louisiana by Russ E, Williams

 210. The saffron scourge : a history of yellow fever in Louisiana, 1796-1905
by.Jo Ann Carrigan

 211. Caddo Parish, Louisiana newspaper gleanings 1866-1868 Wanda Volentine Head

 212. St. Helena vets remember World War II : personal interviews with World War II vets

 213. Claiborne Parish, Louisiana probate packet index, 1849-1935 by. jOHN c. Head

 214. Debt, investment, slaves : credit relations in East Feliciana Parish,
Louisiana, 1825-1885 by. Richard Holcombe Kilbourne

 215. Events that changed American history by. Leslie Wheeler

 216. New Orleans : behind the masks of America's most exotic city by. Carol Flake

 217. Cajun and Creole folktales : the French oral tradition of South Louisiana

 218. Creoles of color in the Bayou country by, Carl A.Brasseaux

 219. The majesty of the Garden District BY. Paul Malone

 220. Madam C.J. Walker : building a business empire by. Penny Colman

 221. Crevasse! : the 1927 flood in Acadiana by. Glenn R.Conrad

 222. The remarkably neat church in the village of Thibodaux : an antebellum history
of St. John's Episcopal Church

 223. A Mardi Gras dictionary by. Beverly Barras Vidrine

 224. Louis Armstrong : a cultural legacy

 225. Tumulus of the army of Northern Virginia Louisiana division by. Jerry Johnson Wier

 226. Caldwell Parish, Louisiana marriage records, 1838-1901 John C. Head

 227. Known burials in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana and south Ashley County, Arkansas

 228. Louisiana's German heritage : Louis Voss' introductory history by.Louisi Voss

 229. The Civil War veterans of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parishes, Louisiana : Allen, Beauregard,
Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis Parishes by. Betty Tyler Rosteet

 230. Louisiana's Kisatchie Hills : history, tradition, folklore by. Mabell Kadlecek

 231. Natchitoches documents 1732-1785 : a calendar of civil records from Fort St. Jean
Baptiste in the French and Spanish province of Louisiana by. Winston De Ville

 232. Mobile funerals, 1726-1764: Alabama Church Records of the French Province of Louisiana
Winston De Ville

 233. Diary in gray : civil war letters and diary of Jared Young Sanders II by.Jared Young Sanders  234. The buildings of the Historic New Orleans Collection by. Louise C.Hoffman

 235. Blacks in New Orleans from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement,
1930-1960 Barbara Ann Worthy , Southern University and A & M College

 236. St. James Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge : a history, 1844-1994 by.Edward L. Bond

 237. The Civil War reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore, C.S.A

 238. 1890 Louisiana veterans census index

 239. The fighting Tigers, 1893-1993 : one hundred years of LSU football by. Peter Finney

 240. A northern woman in the plantation South : letters of Tryphena Blanche Holder Fox,
1856-1876 by. Tryphena Blanche Holder Fox

 241. The extant censuses of school-aged children in Louisiana, ages 6 - 18 : for one
or more of these years: 1863, 1865, 1866, 1867, or 1871 by.Houston C. Jenks

 242. Messiah of the masses : Huey P. Long and the Great Depression by. Glen Jeansonne

 243. Ouachita Parish, Louisiana cemetery records by. Claudie E. Hodges

 244. Minutes of the New Tickfaw Baptist Church, 1888-1903, Livingston Parish, Louisiana
by. New Tickfaw Baptist Church

 245. Historic Louisiana nails : aids to the dating of old buildings by.Jay Dearborn Edwards

 246. Corn shucks, Spanish moss, & feathers : more tales of the Cajun wetlands

 247. United States census 1920, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana by.William Richard Stringfield

 248. Herbal and folk medicine of Louisiana and the South by. Samuel J.Touchstone

 249. Southwest Louisiana in 1807 : the land and slave tax of St. Landry Parish in the Territory of Orleans
by. Winston De Ville

 250. Immigration files of Southwest Louisiana, (1840-1929) : naturalization records
by.Donald J. Hébert

 251. The Brassette Lane people of Louisiana from Ascension to Avoyelles : stories of an Ascension Parish
Landry family and an Avoyelles Parish Ducote family

 252. The Mother Church of Acadiana : the history of the Saint Landry Catholic Church
in Opelousas, Louisiana by, John N.Harper

 253. "Sous cette pierre repose" : tombstone inscriptions of the old St. Landry Catholic
Church Cemetery, Opelousas, Louisiana by. Susan Burleigh Douget

 254. A historical sketch of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, 1850-1950 by.Jesse L.Fairchild

 255. Classic New Orleans by. William R. Mitchell

 256. You and the law : answers to everyday questions about Louisiana law by.Billie
Colombaro Woodard

 257. A Guide to the papers of Pierre Clément Laussat, Napoleon's prefect for the colony
of Louisiana and of General Claude Perrin Victor at the Historic New Orleans Collection

 258. Ouachita Parish, Louisiana marriage records 1803-1899 by. John C. Head

 259. A Louisiana genealogy: nine generations by. Edward J. Domangue

 260. The Louisiana Civil Code : a European legacy for the United States by.Shael Herman

 261. Swing that music by. Louis Armstrong

 262. Doing research in the Bossier Parish Courthouse : a guide to the resources
and materials within the Bossier Parish Clerk of Courts Office in Benton, La by.Clifton D. Cardin

 263. Creole New Orleans : race and Americanization

 264. Cattle brand of the Acadiens and early settlers of Louisiana/Attakapas

 265. The Road to Louisiana : the Saint-Domingue refugees, 1792-1809

 266. Acadian to Cajun : transformation of a people, 1803-1877 by. Carl Brasseaux

 267. The jazz people of New Orleans by. Lee Friedlander

 268. Africans in colonial Louisiana : the development of Afro-Creole culture in the
eighteenth century by. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall

 269. Stories from the River Road by. Leonce Haydel

 270. Laborde, Bordelon, and allied families by. Robert H. Laborde

 271. Live oak splendor : gardens along the Mississippi from Natchez to New Orleans by John Feltwell

 272. Gone--but not forgotten : cemetery inscriptions of Rapides Parish by.Mary Parker Partain

 273. A history of the Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, 1792-1992 by. Frank M.Uter

 274. Southwest Louisiana families in 1785 : the Spanish census of the posts of Attakapas
and Opelousas by. Winston De Ville

 275. Louisiana, a study in diversity by. Henry C. Dethloff

 276. Cajuns of the German coast by.Olympe LaReine

 277. 30 years of friendship : the Friends of the LSU Library, 1962-1992 by Robert S.Martin

 278. A history of University Presbyterian Church, 1942-1992

 279. DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, marriage records, 1843-1905 by. John C.Head

 280. Reflections of Caldwell Parish in pictures : a pictorial history of the Columbia area

 281. The Catholic story in the Hammond area of Louisiana : a century of action, 1890-1990
by. Ginger Romero

 282. The Louisiana Cotton Festival, 1953-1992 by. Mary Lynn F.Landreneau

 283. The Kemp, Turner, and Roberts families on Little Silver Creek, Washington Parish,
Louisiana : the story of three pioneer families of early Louisiana, their ancestors and
progeny by.Russ E. Williams

 284. Officials of the Florida parishes of Louisiana by.Donna Burge Adams

 285. A history of the German churches in Louisiana : (1823-1893)by.John Hanno Deiler

 286. Directory of government documents collections in Louisiana libraries : revised

 287. Louisiana backroads and bayous by.Elton J.Louviere

 288. Some marriages from Vernon Parish, 1898-1941 by.John Thomas Cupit

 289. Ascension Parish, Louisiana, 1850 census, annotated, and slave schedule
by.Rita Babin Butler

 290. Clearing Bayou Teche after the Civil War : the Kingsbury project, 1870-1871

 291. Louisiana's plantation homes, the grace and grandeur by.Joseph A.Arrigo

 292. Marriages, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, 1833-1912 by.Bartley A.Bowers

 293. "Step softly, a dream lies buried here" : St. Mary's Assumption Catholic Cemetery,
Cottonport, Avoyelles Parish, La. and Church of the Little Flower Catholic Cemetery, Evergreen,
Avoyelles Parish, La. by. John James Chenevert

 294. Domingue of Louisiana : immigrants to Spanish Colonial Louisiana by.Edward J.Domangue

 295. The kingfish and his realm : the life and times of Huey P. Long by.William Ivy Hair

 296. Red River Parish, Louisiana, marriage records, 1871-1902 by. John C.Head

 297. Southwest Louisiana in the War Between the States by. Mike Jones

 298. Negro soldiers : free men of color in the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812
by.Rosemarie Fay Loomis

 299. Cemetery listings, Acadia Parish Louisiana by. Pointe de l'Eglise Genealogical
and Historical Society

 300. 1878 Iberville Parish census by.July Riffel

 301. New Orleans Jazz Fest : a pictorial history by.Michael P. Smith

 302. The Lejeunes of Acadia and the Youngs of Southwest Louisiana : a genealogical study
of theLejeunes of Acadia and the descendants of Joseph Lejeune/Young and Patsy Perrine Hay
by.John Austin Young

 303. Back-road tours of French Louisiana by. Mrs Richard Williams

 304. Landmarks of New Orleans by. Leonard Victor Huber

 305. Louisiana patriots, 1776-1783 by.Elisabeth Whitman Schmidt

 306. The History of Spanish West Florida and the Rebellion of 1810 : and, Philemon Thomas,

 307. Waterfront workers of New Orleans : race, class, and politics, 1863-1923 by. Eric Arnesen

 308. The Ste. Catherine colonists, 1719-1720 : early settlers of Natchez and Pointe Coupée
in the French province of Louisiana by.Winston De Ville

 309. Louisiana soldiers in the American Revolution by. Winston De Ville

 310. Mardi gras in Calcasieu Parish : a pictorial history by.Nola Mae Wittler Ross

 311. Cemeteries of lower Terrebonne Parish, La.

 312. Criminal justice in Louisiana

 313. The Louisiana governors : from Iberville to Edwards

 314. Louisiana records

 315. St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

 316. Biographical and historical memoirs of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

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