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New Forgotten Realms 

D&D 3rd Edition Campaign

I am looking for adult players (age 21 or over, please!) for a new Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms campaign. No D&D or Forgotten Realms experience necessary, but maturity and a desire to contribute to a good game experience are required. 

The campaign will feature cameos by some famous Forgotten Realms characters, an enemy (or two) of extreme power, loads of challenging role-playing and gratifying amounts of monster killing gore and spine-chilling dungeon-delving.

Location, Days & Times

The campaign will take place at my home. I live in the North Hills, 5 mins from the Camp Horn Rd exit of I-279N.  I would like to meet every other Monday at 7:30pm. Sessions will plan on running about 3 hours. Note that a start date has not been determined at this time. It will depend on players getting their PC's up and running.




  • D&D 3rd ed.  Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

  • Forgotten Realms 3rd ed. supplements (Silver Marches, Races of Faerun, Magic of Faerun, etc.)

  • D&D Class supplements (Sword & Fist, Tome & Blood, etc.) Prestige Classes from these are OK but Prestige Classes from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting are preferred.

Prohibited (Remember, this is a Forgotten Realms Campaign)

  • Non-D&D supplemental materials.

  • Previous edition Forgotten Realms Supplements.

House Rules (Always a work in progress...)

  • Your PC will die. Foolhardy behavior will result in an untimely death of your character. In other words: Play Wisely!

  • Evil alignments are prohibited...UNLESS you come up with a good story arc that I can use to everyone's advantage.


Starting Up

  • PC Generation – PCs will be generated using the Point Buy method explained in the Player’s Handbook.  You are allowed 32 pts to build your character. 
  • Humanoid races must use the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting modifiers.  Email me for more info.
  • You must create a brief history of your character and how he/she arrived in the Dales region. 
  • FR Campaign Regional Feats are permitted and recommended. 

Story Ideas

Current Year – 1372 DR Year of the Wild Magic

Location – The events of our campaign will begin in Battledale. 


Major Bad Guys –

  Drow of Underdark: The drow (dark elves) surface incursions are becoming more frequent and more aggressive. Their aim is to spread terror amongst the surface races.

  The Zhentarim/Church of Bane: The Zhentarim is an evil merchant organization that openly deals in slaves and arms. They are aligned with the Church of Bane, god of tyranny and murder. The Banites faithful and clergy are more covert and ruthless in their pursuit of Bane's unholy plans for the domination of Faerun.


Major Good Guys –

  The Harpers, have a major presence in the Dales and work secretly to stop the Zhents and Banites at every turn.

  War Chancellor Ilmeth, a grim, moody veteran warrior overly concerned with the safety of Battledale.

  The Abbey of the Sword, a major temple to the god Tempus, lord of battles.


Other –

Since I won't expect everyone to have access to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Book -- although it is highly recommended -- at each game session I will give out a sheet of tidbits and facts about Faerun and life in the Realms. The sheet will contain items that I feel your character would know about. Some of the information will be true, some false, plus some innuendo, an urban legend or whatever that your character has heard about. Also, some of the info might not match your fellow gamers. Who's to say which fact is the correct one? Some of this info will be useful for that session, but most of it will be just to flesh out the campaign background.


About the DM

I have been an active gamer for most of my adult life.  I have played D&D since about 1980.  I also enjoy war games like Warhammer and tabletop board games like Panzer Leader. I am an active member of the Gaming Association of Southwestern PA and the Pittsburgh Iron Legion game clubs.

More Info

If you have any questions or comments or are interested in joining our campaign, please email me.