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This page features several characters, one copied, and several "original" ones using the first's rule set. They come from a set of stuff called Catgirl Avengers RPG, found at The Wilde Home For Wayward Catgirls, a website I frequent for its awesome artwork. While I don't plan to use this stuff, the gamer in me just had to slap a few characters together, so here they are. Also, I will fabricate Anime d20 stats for them, since that is the more likely game I would run. These stats will assume a similar (although perhaps not animal-featured) environment, most likely a school of some variety. Please enjoy!!!


Phaerda, from The Wilde Home For Wayward Catgirls

Phaedra - 18 CP
BOD: Good

MOXIE: Superior
LOOKS: Superior

BOD Base Dice: 3D
Hit Points: 16
Unarmed Damage: 2D
Melee Damage: Normal
BRAINS Base Dice: 3D
MOXIE Base Dice: 5D
LOOKS Base Dice: 5D

Talents: Headmistress' Grace; Magical Powers (White Magic+2; Power Words+2 - all but Petrify and Kill; Magical Shield+2; Sorcery); Perform (Singing); Charm
Odds and Ends: Wings; Kawaiii!!! (+1D on all combat saves); Honorable; Pacifist (Never Initiates Combat); Duty (Protect Jezebel - especially from herself); Servant of Light
Stuff: School uniform, Demonbane Sword (3D, 6D (Power 1) against demons), magical talisman that gives a +1D save against magic

Appearance: As the above picture shows, Phaedra is a gorgeous cat angel. For more pictures of her, view her homesite, linked above.

Story: Phaedra is not my character. For the info on her background, please go to The Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls site, linked above.

Note: This character is created by the administrator of Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls, and thus is hers. I am using her here without permission, but I will risk that. She is here as an example of a completed character, and because Phaedra is my favorite character of the entire site.


Phaerda, from The Wilde Home For Wayward Catgirls

Adventurer 2/Student 8/Dynamic Sorcerer 4; Discretionary Points 44; Medium-sized Human; HD 1d+ plus 2d4+ plus 8d4+ plus 4d4+; hp; Energy Points ; Initiative +; Speed 51 ft; AC (DCM +, Dex +); Base Attack +7; Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +6; Str 14 (+), Dex 16 (+), Con 14 (+), Int 17 (+), Wis 18 (+), Cha 22 (+). (74 CP; spent none)


(Stu) Animal Friendship 1, Aura of Command 2, Divine Relationship 2, Sixth Sense 1, Flunkies 3, Mind Shield 1, Art of Distraction 2, Organizational Ties 1, Personal Gear 2; (DS)-Dynamic Sorcery 2




Note: This character is created by the administrator of The Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls, and thus is hers. However, the d20 stats I make are of my own devising, based on the above characer stuff.


Weapon Attack - Daemonbane Sword
This weapon is forged to defeat demons, and it does so well. It takes the form of a katana, and shimers with a white radiance. Damage 2d6+1, Targeted (demons), Concealable, Melee.

Item of Power - Magical Talisman
Grants magical resistance.

Not Original
Regardless of how many other times I've mentioned this, I say here again that this character is not mine.


Seems Original Character = No Available Picture
Sorry Folks

Note: this is a character I am actively drawing, so I might, someday, get one up here.

Selene - 18 CP
BOD: Good

BRAINS: Average
LOOKS: Excellent

BOD Base Dice: 3D
Hit Points: 20
Unarmed Damage: 2D
Melee Damage: Normal
BRAINS Base Dice: 2D
MOXIE Base Dice: 3D
LOOKS Base Dice: 4D

Talents: Charm +2; Pounce
Odds and Ends: Claws; Enhanced Sense (all); Fangs; Kawaii!!!; Nightvision; Rich; Wings; Junkie (Crimson- rare, expensive, 1/day. -2D if missed. Crimson is a vitae substitute Selene's family has produced for her, to relieve her of the otherwise frowned upon need for blood.
Stuff: School uniform, Sun Amulet (Alleviates sun damage), Bloodstone Ring (relieves bloodlust, but mandates need of Crimson)

Appearance: Selene is gorgeous. As one who does not worship the sun, she is very pale, almost porcelain. She has long, platinum blonde hair, green eyes with faintly red pupils, full lips, and, if she desires, short fangs. She also possesses bat wings, with whitish hairs, rather than the stereotypical black. Rather than the larger bat ears, she possesses more cat-like ones, with white fur. She often wears her uniform, or modest, attractive attire, and she especially likes a long. black trench coat she has, which goes well with her casual attire. Though she possesses many other, finer outfits, she favors the listed two.

Story: Selene is a young vampire feline. Possible fears aside, she is genuinely a cheerful, upbeat young woman, who enjoys the company of others. While attending school, she possesses a pendant to resist the sun, so that she may attend classes, and a ring that suspends most of her bloodthirst; she is at the Home to learn manners and etiquette, not eat everyone. Her future plans are to marry her fiancee, once she leaves the Home (imagine Mier Link, from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust!).

Note: This character is mine, even if I am using other's systems and fluff. They have been left open by the that site, for this sort of use.


"Neko Princess", made by Kaizeru, and found at
This picture will do well to stand in, until I make a picture that will stand here.

Adventurer 7/Student 7; Discretionary Points 44; Medium-sized Human; HD 7d12 plus 7d12; 84 hp; Energy Points ; Initiative +5 (+3 Dex, + Imp. Init., +2 Speed); Speed 51 ft; AC (DCM +4, Dex +3); Base Attack +7; Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +4; Str 15 (+2), Dex 16 (+3), Con -- (+0), Int 18 (+4), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 22 (+6). (98 CP; spent all)

Attacks: +7 melee (1d3+2 plus 1d4 damage, Strike) or +7 melee (2d8+2, Blood Drain)

Attributes: Animal Friendship 1, Armor 1, Art of Distraction 4, Aura of Command 1, Defense Combat Mastery 4, Divine Relationship 5, Flight 2, Flunkies 2, Heightened Senses (hearing) 2, Heightened Senses (scent) 2, Heightened Senses (sight) 2, Item of Power 2, Mind Shield 1, Natural Weapons (claws and fangs) 2, Organizational Ties 1, Personal Gear 2, Regeneration 4, Sixth Sense 1, Special Attack (blood drain) 6, Speed 1, Swarm (bats) 2, Wealth 3

Skills: (164 skill points; none spent)

Feats: (6)

Defects: Achille's Heel (stakes) 1, Cursed (bloodlust) 2, Special Requirement (coffin sleep) 2, Vulnerability (sunlight) 3

Note: This character is an original.


Race - Vampire Nekomusume
When Selene was embraced into her destiny, she received the following benefits: Str +6, Dex +4, Con --, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4. Also, her Constitution becomes --, and skills that use Con use Charisma, instead.

Special Attack - Blood Drain
Though Selene has her ring to prevent needing to do this, it is something she can do. Damage 2d8, Drain Body (Con), Linked (bite attack), Vampiric x1, Melee. 2+2+2-2=4

Bat Swarm
As a vampire, Selene can discorporate into a flock of bats. The swarm can consist of up to 168 bats, and has an attack bonus of +6 and inflicts 1 point of damage/10 bats (rounded up to 17 damage max).

Item of Power - Sun Amulet
In addition to being an attractive piece of jewelry, the Sun Amulet nullifies damage and impediment from the sun, allowing a vampire to function during the day. However, certain restrictions are in place, such as most vampiric powers, and drinking of blood are forbidden, and they will render it inert until the following sunset, requiring one day's (sun up) worth of rest.

Item of Power - Bloodstone Ring
The purpose of this item is to relieve the bearer of bloodthirst. With it they are not wracked with a need to drink blood. However, that need is replaced with a similar thirst for Crimson (see below), which the ring allows the wearer to make use of.

Crimson- The need to drink blood can be a severe social impediment, especially for a young vampire trying to go to school. Crimson is an alchemical vitae substitute, consisting of various exotic compounds and quantites of blood, from various sources. With it, the drinker can avoid the need to consume fresh blood, as well as the drive to consume more after the first sip. Otherwise, the heartbeats of all the passing souls might be enough to require one to slake their thirst; not a good idea in class. It must be imbibed daily, and is fabricated by the Bloodstone Ring.


Seems Original Character = No Picture Available

Tenebrous (Marcus Devin)- 16 CP
BOD: Average

BRAINS: Excellent

BOD Base Dice: 2D
Hit Points: 12
Unarmed Damage: 1D
Melee Damage: Normal
BRAINS Base Dice: 4D
MOXIE Base Dice: 3D
LOOKS Base Dice: 3D

Talents: ESPer Powers (Telekinesis, Remote Viewing +2, Telepathy +2, Psychic Shield); Headmistress's Grace; Charm.
Odds and Ends: Secret Patron (The Agency); Junkie (Clarity- rare, provided by the Agency monthly. -2D if he goes without.
Stuff: Uniform, Sports car (Camaro Z-28).

Appearance: "Marcus" is an attractive guy, who often takes especially thurough effort to maintain his outward appearance. He has pale, Caucasian skin, very green eyes, short, red hair, red-fured ears, and a long, fluffy red tail. He often dresses well, either wearing dress-casual clothes or his school uniform.

Story: Tenebrous, or Marcus to his schoolmates and teachers, is a foxboy who was discovered by the Agency. He is being trained how to blend in with "high society", so that he can get close to people with information his superiors desire.

Note: This character is mine, even if I am using other's systems and fluff. They have been left open by that site, for this sort of use. As a bit of explanation, he pretends to be goody in public, garnering the affection of faculty and the "good students" who are likely to go farther in the outside world, and his higher intelligence and appearance create positive synnergy with these people, but he is really a sneaky, devious spy, with a penchant for distant-viewing showering catgirls. First and foremost, he is there to learn how to use his powers to manipulate and gather intell, with his secondary objective being to learn the ropes of inter-personal interaction. It should be noted, however, that Tenebrous does have two seeming weaknesses. First, he has a bit of a soft spot for TRUE innocents (he can tell), and finds it difficult to do bad things, like remote spying, on them. Second, he has a certain need to make sure that repeat rule-breakers, other than himself, get their comeupance. He has lived a life where, even by following the rules, he was treated poorly, and so, he has a genuine dislike for those who are "bad" and get away with it. One of his favorite methods is to watch the more attractive female deviants "do their thing", and then use his other abilites to scare them, by moving soap, or making strange voices surprise them in such vulnerable moments. Openly, of course, he just turns them in. And you thought no one was watching!!!


Seems Original Character = No Picture Available
This picture of Kurama (Yoko-Kurama), from YuYu-Hakusho, found at Wikipedia, will be an cceptible stand-in, until I can fabricate a better picture.

Student 5/Dynamic Sorcerer 6; Discretionary Points 44; Medium-sized Human; HD 5d4+ plus 6d4+; hp; Energy Points 28; Initiative +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Imp. Init.); Speed 34 ft; AC 6 (DCM +4, Dex +2); Base Attack +5; Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +9; Str 12 (+1), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 18 (+4), Wis 17 (+3), Cha 17 (+3). (67 CP; spent all)

Attacks: +9 melee (1d3+2, Punch) or +9 ranged (1d8, Short Range, Revolver)

Attributes: Animal Friendship 1, Art of Distraction 4, Aura of Command 1, Defense Combat Mastery 4, Divine Relationship 4, Dynamic Sorcery (psionics) 3, Flunkies 2, Heightened Senses (hearing) 1 or Sixth Sense (psychic) 1*, Mind Control 3, Mind Shield 3, Personal Gear 1, Telekinesis 3, Telepathy 4
*- in games without animal traits, replace HS 1 with SS 1.

Skills: (144 points; spent all) Bluff 6, Computer Use 7, Concentration 4, Diplomacy 7, Drive (car) 7, Forgery 5, Gamble 5, Gather Information 6, Gun Combat (revolvers) 2, Intimidate 6, Investigate 7, Knowledge (politics) 7, Listen 5, Move Silent 4, Power Usage (Mind Control) 7, Profession (operative) 9, Search 6, Seduction (girls) 6, Sense Motive 6, Sleight of Hand 4, Speak Languages 7, Spot 9, Unarmed Attack (strikes) 3, Unarmed Defense 3

Feats: (5) Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Maximize Spell, Silent Spell

Defects: Girl Magnet 2, Ism (telepath) 2, Owned (the Agency) 3, Unique Defect (addiction) 2

Note: Original character.

Appearance: See above. This character is created with thoughts of setting involving nekotama (girls with cat features), and other such people. In a setting without animal features, disregard such.

Story: His real name is unknown. To his clasmates his name is Marcus, while his codename is Tenebrous; a fitting name considering how he mentally reaches into the minds of others, like shadowy tentacles. As a child, he was discovered to possess psychic potential. The Agency, an organization powerful in both corporate and political circles, decided to put these talents to good use. By training him to use these powers, Tenebrous could gather information from important corporate or political individuals that were not already part of the Agency, without anyone knowing. Now that the bulk of his training is completed, it is time for him to attend school, so that he may learn better how to interact with the upper crust of society. In the end, however, it is mostly still an exercise in manipulating and garnering information, in order to graduate, and seeing how well he functions in various social situations. Should he make any powerful contacts while attending the prestigious private school, all the better.


Personal Gear
Camaro- Marcus has a Z-28 Camaro as his primary means of transportation. It is in excellent condition.
School Stuff- Marcus has his school uniform, as well as his nice clothes, and such.
Revolver- Should the need arise, Marcus often carries a revolver. Damage 1d8, Concealable, Short Range.

Clarity- Marcus works for an organization that demands secrecy, and expects results. In order to ensure these things, they have Marcus addicted to a drug. This drug, called Clarity, does little to benefit Marcus, but it does keep him in check. If he does not receive his monthly dose, he will begin a very painful withdrawl process. On the positive side, the Agency is very punctual, in regards to seeing that he receives his dose, if things are going well.

Ism - Telepaths
In the world Marcus dwells within, psychic powers are new and rare, and many people still think them to be the stuff of science fiction. Were people to find out that Marcus is an active telepath, it would be horrendous for him, to say the least. For the time being, he is not actively mistreated, except from time to time by those he works for. This reflects the need for it to stay a secret, and the dire consequences that would result if it doesn't.

Flunkies - Entourage
The life Marcus leads is one where he acts as the good kid, and that, coupled with his good looks, attracts a crowd of people around him, whenever he moves about the school. While they are secretly rather a nuissance to him, they are sometimes valuable as a source of information. There are always at least two girls, and they often attract some other girls, and guys. His Girl Magnet defect attracts another portion of his entourage.



Seems Original Character = No Available Picture

Prince of Darkness - Fiend -50 CP
BOD: ?


BOD Base Dice: D
Hit Points:
Unarmed Damage: D
Melee Damage: Normal
BRAINS Base Dice: D
MOXIE Base Dice: D
LOOKS Base Dice: D

Odds and Ends:
Stuff: The combined wealth and resources of a very unpleasant place.

Appearance: Though one would like to think that being the Lord of Darkness means hideousness, the Prince is incredibly handsome, suave, and manuipulative. Though his appearance can fluctuate at will, his "prefered" mortal form is that of a tall, well-built man. He has short, blue-black hair, is clean-shaven, and possesses almost chiseled features. His eyes are red. He prefers antiquated noble attire, but fitting into the scene, he will often wear a fabulous, three piece suit. Everything about him projects impeccible taste.

Story: The Prince of Darkness was to cause great calamity to the world, but someone intervened. It seems that even a being such as this is not immune to Cupid's arrow. The trick, however, is that the one he seeks is an angel; something even he cannot obtain. All of his energies are spent trying to find a way to get his obsession to return his affections. His father, the Source of Evil, is most displeased with his son's apparent lack of self-control, and he is flexing all of his might to find a way to undo the curse that burdens his son.

Note: This character is mine, even if I am using other's systems and fluff. They have been left open by the that site, for this sort of use.

Prince of Darkness

Seems Original Character = No Picture Available

Adventurer 1/Gun Bunny ; Discretionary Points 44; Medium-sized Human; HD 1d+ plus 1d+; hp; Energy Points ; Initiative +; Speed 51 ft; AC (DCM +, Dex +); Base Attack +; Fort +, Ref +, Will +; Str 1 (+), Dex 1 (+), Con 1 (+), Int 1 (+), Wis 1 (+), Cha 1 (+).


Attributes: Wealth 6+.




Note: This character is created by me.


Features -

Item of Power -

Weapon Attack -

Weapon Attack -

Personal Gear
Communicator Pen - .

Light Armor

The Prince of Darkness has access to the combined wealth and resources of the Inferno. If he doesn't have one of something, even if there only is one, thn it usually means he has no interest in it.

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