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ok, just got word says is gonna be on the november 22nd show, its no good for cracka rap though. a band called lithium is playing, i have no idea who they are, i just hope theyre not a nirvana ripoff, that gets old. turns out november 22nd is pennsburys junior prom, we were debating rescheduling but decided against it and figured we'll just get another show in december or something.---- HOLY SHIT PEOPLE, we have a show, november the 22nd at sacred grounds. it should be cool, the mps and jeff says no might be getting in on it too, we'll see how that turns out. right now theres one other band signed up to play but we dont know who it is, ill post it on the shows page when i find out.----i really have absolutely no news, but i have nothing better to do than update this action. we didnt practice today, and the show with the band from warped tour cant go down because brad has marching band shit on that day, man, is that getting annoying. i guess all this makes the last update pointless, but its all good.----wow, mps show tonight, im so tired. i talked with george from sacred grounds, he said we could get in on a couple of shows. one of them being a show with a band who played at warped tour, wed fit in there, right? well, ben kweller was suposed to play warped tour. anyways, ill update the shows page as things become official. were looking at a short practice tomorrow with johnny on vocals, maybe we can get that situation figured out like every other situation going on right a puzzle.----NEW SONGS AND PHOTOS UP, and sign the guestbook.----thats it, fuck this, ive spent hours trying to get this shit updated, and between the two sites its a nightmare, so im gonna quit working on it now before something bad happens to the site..........we practiced today, and im gonna go out on a limb and say it was our best practice ever, even though brad was late and eric had to leave early. we had about 15 minutes with the full band, but we recorded 3 new songs and i really like them alot. i havent heard the recordings, but if theyre any good im sure quann will post them. i guess thats all i have to say now.----PHOTOS ARE UP----sign the guestbook.----NEW SONGS UP, check em out. we're hoping for lots of new stuff on friday when we have our first real practice in months. so get ready. and am i that weird for thinking quann has a good voice, it kinda has a charming ian mackaye quality to it. some bios are up too, as of 1:00 am we are still waiting on brads and quanns. i guess thats all for now.----i put a few songs up, the same ones from before. ive been trying to get the songs from amnesty, but i can figure how to get them from the cd to the computer. i can imagine how obvious its becoming that i dont know how to work a webpage.----ok, here's the deal, as far as me and eric are concerned, we are now going back to being called the refaction plan. mostly because i cant keep from saying it anyway. we had a show/practice tonight if you want to call it that. it wasnt too bad i guess, but we couldnt remember any of our songs. the bonus was that we are now back into being in this band again, and hopefully some good will come of it. also, if theres anything that was on this site that ive forgotten, tell someone in the band. if you want. also, someone figure out how to get these links to work, thanks.

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