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Happiness can exist.

Even in shadow.. I know this. For once I was happy. Living in peace with my family. A mother.. father.. brothers and sisters. I was so young then, maybe three years old. Before the tragedy. Before the damnable elves of light invaded our peaceful lives and tore them apart. I could never forget that day. I was playing with my older brother, Coretuz, when they came like vultures from the trees, ambushing my siblings and I as our parents rushed to our aid. I watch them fall. One by one.. as my brother scooped me up into his arms and began to flee. The ground rushed up at me as he was struck. I lay petrified beneath his still body, shivering in his blood. So young to die.. as were we all.

It must have been hours since all fell silent and I crawled from beneath Coretuz' body. I saw the corpse of every member of my family, some in peices.. some beyond the facetes of recognition. That is enough to change the most innocent of souls. I fled from the blood bath, Sobbing, I ran for as long as I could before my legs grew tired and mind exhausted and I fainted in the woods.. Who knows how long I slept.

When I awoke, the woods had left me, a warm bed found. I still remember the smell of pumpkin spice and the light-hearted singing of the old woman. Anabelle. To this day I can only assume the insane old crone found me and had brought me to her home. The blind old woman fed and bathed me. Loved me. She was the family I knew growing up. I loved her as my mother and sometimes wished I'd died along with her. At eleven I buried her and moved on. In search of more of my kind. Someone that understood what I was..

I traveled many years, my journey proving futile at every turn. Until then I hadn't known what it was to be alone. The lonliness was a stabbing wretch in my chest for ten long years. My travels had brought me to Rhydin, where i'd intended to stay but briefly. Amoungst the freaks and hybrids I had never expected to find my brother.. Coretuz. Coretuz whom died before me. Who's blood chilled me when I was a small child. But a visit to a modest tavern delivered our reuinion. I knew at once what he was, but my shock was sharply ensued once I learned whom he was. He must have just been unconsious. Damned to travel in cold lonliness just as I had.

Pain is in the past, now that we've found eachother. Found family and love. I will stand by his side, defending and supporting him in everything he does. Never to leave his side. My wild heart stilled and tamed only to show my reserved compassion for him. Until I met Gerik..

To settle down, I used to consider it a death sentence. Love was folly and imagined. An excuse to satisfy lust. What I imagined to be an enjoyable fling had slapped me in the face. Presenting the realization of my feelings and the ability of myself to love.. And for someone to love me, despite all my falts and seemingly callous attitude. Gerik.. my dear husband that has gifted me with this life growing within me. Ready to present me with a newfound love, filling me completely. Happiness.. can exist.