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The entire concept started with a girl and her dragon. That was it. Alison, a friend of mine, had done a boy and his dragon (yes, I know you called them something else!), and the thought intrigued me. I first wrote the section where the main character meets her dragon, then backed up and wrote what is now the beginning. Winged Summer is still being written and edited, thanks in part to COW (Company of Writers).


Ehlanyadreiya Firemane is tired of her role as the chieftain's daughter of the small elven village of Reanalost. She seeks adventure and freedom from what she sees as the restrictions of the village. What young Ehlana finds instead is the childhood nightmare that is Sairrean, the great green dragon that has terrorized the town for generations. The young elf maid must mature both mentally and physically in order to come to terms with her new life. Many try to rescue the chieftain’s daughter, for the honor, for the love of Swann, and for more noble reasons, but none can discover the whereabouts of Ehlana or the green dragon.< br>

Character List

Ehlanyadreiya Firemane – (Ehlana) main character; elf, around 4’6" tall, 30 years old (equivalent of a 12-14-year-old human); red hair, which is unique for this elven tribe; adventurous daughter of the chieftain of Reanalost.
Swann Firemane – chieftain of Reanalost, she also has the bright red hair of her daughter; a just and confident leader, even after her husband died at the claws of the dragon.
Gilanthas Firemane – married Swann, father of Ehlana; died defending Reanalost against Sairrean.
Padgis Leifmoss – Throehar ("high elder") of Reanalost, a wise, grandfatherly elf who hides many secrets.
Alonost Leafwing – one of the best scouts in Reanalost, he also holds a position on the elders’ council. He yearns for the chieftain title and lusts after Swann.
Tinlukoss Riverbend – youngest of the elders of Reanalost at 220 years old.
Kiranthist Birdsong – one of the best scouts in Reanalost and a Simasiel elf, he also loves Swann. Ehlana loves him the best of all her mother's suitors.
Renkarrah Bluerhaine – elder of Reanalost and Faunne’s grandmother; she raised Faunne after her parents’ death.
Faunne Bluerhaine – Ehlana’s best friend, darker skinned than the other elves, "doe-colored" hair, brown eyes; "sneaky," mischievous, encourages Ehlana’s adventurous spirit.
Sairrean – green earth dragon; name literally means "winged summer" in elven. He comes every 50 years at the end of the harvest to terrorize the village and has for centuries. Known to the children only as a nightmare to scare them into bed at night.

Drakenmoors – country in the main continent to the north and west.
Western Daelglayd – province in the western Drakenmoors that encompasses the Barkante Mountains and is bordered by the edges of the Arennah Forest to the east and the Madge Ocean to the west.
Barkante Mountains – mountain range running vaguely northwest-southwest.
Baelesti’s Peak – Reanalost is in the foothills of Baelesti’s Peak in the central Barkantes.
Elkesti Cavern – Sairrean is rumored to reside in this giant cavern, said to delve deep into the mountains.
Reanalost – small village of mountain elves, pretty isolated from most of the rest of the world, except on Market Day.
Simasiel tribes – nomadic elves, called "wild" by some elves in more permanent villages.

Ruisi’elon – chieftain’s title in elven
Throehar – high elder’s title in elven
Patrillon – male elder in elven
Matrillon – female elder in elven
Eilwyah – chieftain’s daughter’s title in elven