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The Necromancer’s Scroll excerpt

I wanted to write a story about people from the present getting transported back to a Medieval-like world. In this case, a Medieval fantasy world that had been mostly drawn on graph paper. It started with Sevyn. This was going to be her story. But, Quynn Dornoch and Kaysie Haggerty took it over as their own. These two teens are the ones that ended up in Keldon’s Hill, a tiny town in the eastern Barkante Mountains in the province of Western Daelglayd. I typed it in installments on Teen Open Diary, teens being my target audience, under "True Colors." After a good response and too many revisions later, I submitted The Necromancer’s Scroll to a lot of publishers nearing the end of 2002. Publish America LLLP wanted to publish it. VERY exciting! I received my copies one afternoon when no one else was home. I ended up telling one of my cats. (Ash, for those of you who know him. He’s a big black long-haired cat with gray fur on his belly, and very sweet.) He was definitely unimpressed.

When Kaysie and Quynn are propelled to another world by a mysterious scroll, neither knows quite what to expect. But the area seems strangely familiar to Quynn Dornoch, a reader of all things medieval and fantastical. While Kaysie Haggerty tries to adjust to her new surroundings, adventure and intrigue catch up with them all. A man new to adventuring and a family of half-elves introduce the two teens to their world. While Quynn slowly remembers, they meet the Moonshades, half-elven siblings promised by their parents through deceit and magic to the necromancer, Roustin Blackfyre, only to be betrayed in the end. The Moonshades' mysterious youngest sibling, Sevyn, gets Roustin to teach her the Arts through a deceit and magic all her own, pulling Kaysie and Quynn into an adventure full of subterfuge, danger, and, of course, magic, in order to save her parents from whatever fate Roustin has subjected them.

Character List*

Quynn Dornoch, 16-year-old main character who is transported right outside Keldon’s Hill; best friends with Kaysie
Kaysie Haggerty, 16-year-old main character who is transported right outside Keldon’s Hill; best friends with Quynn
Carry McLeod, owner of Moonstone Stables
Rilee Ravynsclaw, a young adventurer who meets Quynn and Kaysie upon their sudden appearance
Roustin Blackfyre, an aging necromancer who has trapped the Moonshade parents and taught Sevyn all she knows
Dalgrim Silverbeard, owner of The Dragon Warrior inn and tavern in Keldon’s Hill
Hailea Moonshade, human mother of seven children
Doreann Moonshade, elven father of seven children
Systiri "Jaide" Moonshade, oldest daughter of Hailea and Doreann
Ehirrjirin "Jirin" Moonshade, oldest son of Hailea and Doreann
Siranasea "Siriia" Moonshade, priestess of Kraylista, the goddess of animals and plants, her totem animal is the dragon
Roanallyn "Roan" Moonshade, good with weapons, he finds Kaysie is attractive
Terrynoust "Terryn" Moonshade, quiet-stepping, he finds Quynn attractive
Breyanathesti "Breyah" Moonshade, priestess of nature, aided by her wolf, Laeryna
Sevraiean "Sevyn" Moonshade, taught by Roustin to be a necromancer, she wants to expand her magical knowledge
Keiltsahrean "Hunter" Therrylmas, met under a curse by Kaysie and Sevyn in Kanduul
*The Moonshade siblings are in order according to age.

The Necromancer’s Scroll can be purchased through Publish America, Little Professor, Barnes & Noble, and A listing is also available on