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Orc Champion
The Chosen
Duck, Duck, Goose
(working title)
Come Out, and Play
The Circles

House Glasses

"Orc Champion" began with a sentence and someone wanting a bird in the story. I knew the ending, but didn't know how to get there. Terrance Sunbrook and his bird, Dhothi, were born. This first short story tells the tale of how Terrance became a forest warrior and protector of the farmers and woodland creatures who dwell inside or beside the forest. It also details how his friend Dhothi came to travel with him. I have tried to write one other story with these two, titled Hori the Circle Drawer, but I haven't gotten it off the ground. I need to revisit these two.

I'm not sure how long "The Chosen" will be, but right now, I have filed it away under short story/novella. This started with another short story, one told by the rabbi at Beth Tikvah. He told a Kabbalistic parable that there are 36 people (Tsaddikim) holding up the world. One is supposed to treat everyone as if they are one of these people, since you never know! I decided to take this literally, and Bridget McKenzie is a Tsaddik. The Temple of Abel, who believe they are the chosen people of God (God favoring Abelís offerings in Genesis over Cainís), is tracking her. There are more "earthly" matters to contend with in the story, so this may end up longer than I imagine!

"Duck, Duck, Goose" began when I saw a license plate that read "Duck 6" or something like that. The idea for the secret hunting club in the Appalachian Mountains chasing unknown quarry quickly followed. The story begins with newest member, Jon, going on his first hunt with the other members. They think they are going after wolves that have been preying on a farmer's cattle, but that isn't the case.

I wrote a short story featuring Eno Shaiki for "Come Out, and Play." She was originally a character I used in a Shadowrun campaign a few years ago, mixing a not-so-distant future Columbus with bio-technology and random mutations. Eno is on the shady side of the law, working for an unknown benefactor with twins, Dakota and Davon. They are sent to look for Ezra James. Of course, the reason is confidential. But this change meeting gives Eno some answers she's been looking for.

I got the beginning idea of "The Circles" from someone I hardly talk to. He knew I was writing, and he suggested a wizard in the forest who trapped someone and didnít mean to. It is set in the Woods of Ahrenna, a forest roughly the size of the United States, that I created in my world, Faedras. The main character, Farryn Strawbrow, is in its center, after angering the earth goddess, Ahrenna. He has trapped a hatchling dragon and a faerie village in his "jail cell" that he and the goddess created. And he doesnít know how to release them. The situation becomes dire when he realizes the two planes of existance are merging, adn an old enemy is released.

"House Glasses" began as a novella, but may turn into a novel-length story for 9- to 15-year-olds. begins with Heather, adopted not so long ago by Jessy and Peyton Tenterden, entering their new home. The house had been in Peyton's family for several generations, and now, it is theirs. Heather is eight and has been in four different foster homes. She is still skittish about whether this family will actually keep her.
The first chapter is from the house's point of view. Through the blurry vision of a stuffed rabbit, he watches Heather come into her room and discover the rabbit inside an old cedar chest. She names him Oliver Mayflower Appleworth, and the house and rabbit approve. Heather immediately shows her new parents, and they whisper about his dustiness and the fact she is talking to the house and this stuffed rabbit. Oliver can't believe he is in such disarray, but cannot move or express his feelings. Back upstairs, Heather plays with the rabbit until Jessy calls for her. The eight-year-old jumps into the cedar chest and closes the door, giggling at the prospect of a new game of Hide-and-Seek. Jessy continues to call for her new daughter, and Heather misinterprets her new mother's worried tone and begins to cry. Oliver feels sorry for Heather and wisks her away to Verdimuir.
Verdimuir, Oliver explains, is where the souls of stuffed animlas go when they are bored and not being played with. Heather cannot believe this stuffed animal is talking, but is forced into silence when a stuffed centaur canters up to them with terrible news. Crowleigh has taken over Verdimuir, and she is not letting anyone out. Crowleigh is unique in Verdimuir, a trapped human, or Cursed. Humans trapped in Verdimuir are slowly turned into animals or were-creatures. No one knows how long this process takes. But when Heather's new friends are captured because of her presence in Verdimuir, she has to save them.
The story is left open for revisitation, so I am considering adding on what I had previously planned as another novel.

Oliver the rabbit and Feta the mouse, inspiration

Extra inspiration for Created; I do not own Lavender, but I am still looking!