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Sanguin Nights Saga© is being written by Sierra and Zack incorporating all of their vampire stories. These currently include In the Dead of Night and First Plague. Several more stories are still notes, outlines, or not complete, but we have planned close to a dozen.

In the Dead of Night
It started innocently enough with a character I wanted to use in the "Vampire: The Masquerade" role-playing game by White Wolf. I couldn’t fit her into the parameters of the game, so I decided to write a short story about Strawberry originally titled "Strawberry Shadows." The story evolved and ended up being published in Guard Tower’s monthly online newsletter, a local game store. (Guard Tower Monthly) While I was writing, Zack decided to allow me to use two of his vampire characters, Sebastian Desnesti and Elizabeth Karamusen in "Strawberry Shadows." Yep, the "short story" became more complicated! Zack decided that his story with Sebastian and Elizabeth could be part one, and "Strawberry Shadows" could be part two. Zack wrote part three, "Phoenix Cycle," and In the Dead of Night was born.

In part one, "Crimson Twilight," Sebastian Desnesti returns to his old friend, Elizabeth Karamusen, and she becomes a vampire. They are haunted by Sebastian's past, with both how he became a vampire and discovering how vampires fit into Ohio's society. Part two, "Strawberry Shadows," is Strawberry's history, including meeting new friends and discovering the greedy Fallon Kith, taking place in southwestern Columbus. Part three takes the group, now five strong, as they meet new allies and come face to face with vampiric conflict that may escalate to include more than central Ohio.

The First Plague
I knew this would be an undertaking when I first began thinking about it. The idea sparked from a dream that a friend of mine had. The images were of a girl approaching a Medieval cathedral after being dropped off by a carriage. It wasn’t known why she was there or what lay beyond. My vampire began as a Catholic, but I know very, very little about Catholicism. I began to wonder how to make her Jewish without offending the world. I give complete credit to my dad in figuring out that one. The first plague upon Egypt, according to the Bible, was blood. Ankhenferu NiAnubis was born.

I have separated the novel into "books." The first covers the ten plagues and the Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. Aranka is reborn as Ankhenferu, and her undeath begins under the terror of Ghrepsekare and Inyotep. The second tells her story in Jerusalem. I also want to cover major areas of Jewish history, like the Diaspora, the destruction of the second temple, and the Inquisition. Her name will change according to her surroundings and country, but "An-" will remain a part of her identity. The novel will follow Anna through until the end of In the Dead of Night or soon after.

Kith Wars (workig title)
The conflict with Heleana Jennus, the leader of the Columbus, Ohio Fallon Kith, comes to a head. The Doctine of silence is in jeopardy as open warfare errupts onto the streets.

Stray Cat
This story takes place after "Kith Wars." Catlyn SungXie had been spying for the humans, but was caught. She is sentenced to be watched indefinitely by three vampires, one Magios and two from two new Kiths, in an area outside of Plain City. The feral vampires haven't quite gone away, and Cat will come face to fang with this newly organized group.

Ashen Darkness (working title)
A story in the making for Sanguin Nights Saga, I would like to place Rhomduul in Poland, but I haven’t decided exactly when. This story will take a lot of organizing before I can really start writing.

Aztec vampire (no title yet)
A Mexican vampire is also being written about for Sanguin Nights, more specifically, an Aztec priest at the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. I have a brief scene, but nothing concrete for him yet.