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’04 Eye of the Dragon God
Main Characters: Alexandra, Cindrax, Drakelon, Hunter, Krenaste, Sevyn, Seyra, Siriia
Sevyn and Siriia are Moonshade siblings, from The Necromancer's Scroll. Hunter is the floating skull who was freed from that form by Roustin's disappearance back to an elf. Seyra and Cindrax are dragons. Krenaste and his son, Drakelon, are keys to the mystery of the dragn artifact held by Groeljonnshax, the dragon god. They are dark elves from a large port town on the eastern coast.
approximate word count: 10,300

’05 House Draenarl
Main Characters: Taggan, Skoll, Miertann (others I can't name because my husband reads this!)
This is a novel version of the second edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I am running for my husband. His dwarven cleric of strength, Skoll, is rediscovering the lost mountain dwarven cities located under the Barkante Mountains and lost to legend. The groups' goal is to find out why the dwarves left their cities and why dragon artifacts are being stolen. "Eye of Groeljonnshax" was a start to this campaign, including the Moonshades instead of my husband's characters.
approximate word count: 13,000

’06 The Creator
I finally got a story together for the old "black hole" at Papyrus! People seemed to disappear in the corner of the card and statonery store, never leave via the front door. We used to giggle about it. So, Violet's brother, Gabriel, disappears. He isn't the only one to have vanished without a trace, but he's a local boy, and the media picks up on it. Soon, everyone has a theory: alien abduction, Jesus saving his chosen, Kabbalistic theories, Wiccan theories, and the CIA and FBI trying to get to the bottom of this sci-fi mysery. I even include the Sephirot as characters.
approximate word count: 14,444

’08 Trick of Treat
I started too late to make this story a true reality for me. I got the idea of something horrible happening to trick-or-treaters as I watched the kids go by outside the Day By Day Calendar Company store several days before Halloween. I combined ideas from Stephen King's "Long Walk" and "Battle Royale," a Japanese graphic novel set in the 1990s. Vampires have decided to find the best recruits by submitting humans between the ages of 18-21 to a rigorous trick-or-treat night. Ingrid Marie has been drafted, and her best friend, Suzanne, decides she'll be Snow White. Costumes are one in a million, the candy is specially prepared, and there is a special surprise waiting for Ingrid Marie in her "poisoned" apple.
approximate word count: 5,500