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These faeries I have colored in Photoshop.

Strawberry is the main character in my short story, "Strawberry Shadows" that I am writing for a local gaming store's newsletter. She is a young vampire in modern times looking for the man who made her a vampire, one she knows only as "Brother." She is also my first attempt at drawing anime. :) Logan is one of her new friends, a boy she meets at a local raver club (the Lunar Dragon). Beside Logan is Zoe, the first person Strawberry meets at the Lunar Dragon. Next to Zoe are Sebastian and Elizabeth, who began as Zack's characters. They are now entwined with the Sanguin Nights Saga, too.
*These images are still NOT to scale... any scale. ;) Though, I attempted to make them seem like the correct sizes. :)

This is Clausideous, "Brother." He is the one from the Garron Trellik Kith that sired Strawberry.

random anime drawings I've done over the past few months

I drew this based on a picture of Wolverine on the cover of the local TV Guide. He started out to be a reproduction, but he obviously evolved!

This was my character from Shadowrun, Eno Shaikai. She is a Japanese-American bat shaman. Yes, those wings work!

I got some ideas from several drawings from my husband's collection of images. I'm not certain how he ended up Asian!

I drew this from a drawing in a Monster Manual from AD&D. It is from the "wild dwarf" entry.

This is the front of the Monster Manual, the same one that the wild dwarf is an entry in. He's an earth elemental. I thought he looked like a grandfather. He was a lot of fun.

I drew this one from the main 3rd Ed. Monster Manual. I was getting ready for the next one! --->

These are three main characters from Winged Summer: Sairrean, Ehlana, and Quaemal'exys.

I don't remember where I found this image, but I wanted to post him. He reminds me of Dalgrim Silverbeard.

I drew these two characters for Valhalla Productions.