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I completed two different folders for Thompson Building Associates, a local family-owned insurance and restoration company. The biggest challenge with this project was to make sure that the design isn't too cheerful ("Oh, goodie! You had a disaster, we get a job!") or too depressing (pictures of horrible flooding, a burnt house, etc.). The first design I submitted was this one. I wanted it to resemble a magazine, something familiar and fairly neutral. The first image is the cover design, showcasing the headlines. The second image is the contents page, showing images that appear on the pages inside and listing their references in the yellow space. The final image is a spread from the inside. I stayed with the bar image on the side for the entire project to give the piece continuity.

This is the second idea that I submitted to TBA. This is a 6X6" 3-fold mailer with four cards. The idea was based on the elements, since they take care of everything. Each card is associated with earth, air, fire, or water. A CD would also fit nicely inside this brochure. All images and icons are original designs.