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Red: warrior
Blue: loyalty
Dragon: fierce protection
Raguly Line: clouds, air

Area: 250,000 sq. mi.
Population: 2,000,000 approx.
Provinces: Xianoko to the north and
Dhrakan to the south,
separated by the Jhagodha River
Primary Language(s): Elven, Common
Capital: Tokugawa, Xianoko; Borgrozi, Dhrakan
Products:Xianoko: rice, meats, fish,
textiles, cotton, silks
Dhrakan: textiles, leathers, spices,
fruits, meats, fish
Ruler(s):Xianoko: Emporer Ichijo Nishimura
human fighter (lv. 5)noble (lv.4),
35 years old, married to Katsumi, three sons, two daughters
Dhrakan: Padishah Sayid Abu-khadra,
human fighter (lv. 2)/noble (lv. 6),
42 years old, married to Sameeha, four sons
and two daughters

Overview of the Population:
Xianoko is mainly populated with humans, with a smattering of the other humanoid races; elves, dwarves, halflings are the major minorities.

Overview of the Ruling Classes:

Overview of the Geography:

Overview of the History:

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