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The following are a series of ads that I did my senior year for Harley-Davidson Sportsters, the cheapest and smallest of their motorcycles.

headline: "Reverend Spencer's Sportster"

body copy: "Motorcycles aren’t a sin when you customize your own Harley-Davidson Sportster. Seeing all of your options, including nine colors, six models, and Genuine Motor Accessories™, is like Heaven. You’ll walk on water after you discover the customized saddlebags, windshields, and different handlebar and seat styles you can choose from. So, choose your Sportster, and customize!"

headline: "Windy VanGo's Sportster"

body copy: "Tired of cleaning up oil paint from the back seat of your car? Harley-Davidson has the Sportster for you. Dripping paint? No problem. All colors blend into your customized Sportster. There are nine colors to chose from, including two-tones, and six models. So, choose your Sportster, and customize!"

Real Estate: King Thompson, HER, and ReMax

Restaurants: Sushiko (Japanese), Shane's (seafood), and Roadhouse Annie's (bar/restaurant)

Club Ads: PromoWest Pavilion (music), Newport (music), Snoop Dogg at the Newport, Flannagan's (bar/restaurant/music), Centerfold (strip club), and Candy Store (strip club)

The Garden and The Chamber (fetish items)

Mid-Ohio Golfer calendar, Royal American, and Deer Ridge Golf Club