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Sierristhalsa Willow Rose Torrin:
Sierra was born in Chicago, but grew up in North Carolina. Most of what she remembers is rural eastern NC, where she learned to ride horses and speak with a southern drawl. Sierra always said she wanted to be an artist, so she took private art lessons and drew a lot in her spare time. She began writing when she was eight, and continued to drafting stories, both short and novel length, for several years afterwards.

Moving to Ohio and the demands of high school and boys (well, her future husband, at least!) left writing to the side. Sierra continued to take art classes and ended up at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Majoring in advertising and graphic design, she started to reconsider creative writing after taking classes in ad writing (copywriting). There was one class in creative fiction at CCAD, and Sierra took it. After graduating with a BFA, she went back into writing in her spare time, usually in between projects at The Other Paper©. The Necromancer’s Scroll© was first "published" on Teen Open Diary in installments as True Colors. Sierra chose that format since teens were her intended audience for the story. The Necromancer’s Scroll© was officially published by Publish America LLP in late 2002.

After The Other Paper©, Sierra went into freelance graphic design, calling herself Sylver Moon Design. Between projects, she still wrote. Sierra joined the Company of Writers (COW) writing group right before The Necromancer’s Scroll© was published. The group has helped her immensely, evolving her style and creativity, and offering invaluable criticisms.

Sierra now lives with her husband in a 100-year-old farmhouse with a small herd of cats.

©My sketches, photos, portfolio, and stories will be posted here for your enjoyment and mine. Please do not use them without my permission. If you fail to abide by my simple rules, I shall have to send the dragons. And they are always hungry.©Sierra Torrin, 2009

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