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Agriculture In the Western Cordillera

Download the spreadsheet answer for #1 on page 136 here


- West Coast: #1 catch (value) = Salmon #1 species (value) = Sockeye - Salmon fry - fingerlings up to two (2) years - after 2 years, go to ocean Conflicting Industries with Fishing - Pulp and paper: needs lots of water and pollution in water ways. - Clear cutting: dumping logs into water ways. - Agriculture: pesticide run-off. - Clear cutting: makes forests more susceptible to erosion for rain fall, and plant roots decaying and not holding together the soil. The soil gets washed into streams. This is called: Siltation - Covers up spawning beds – salmon - Creates an unhealthy environment for the salmon – could be lethal Answers to Problems 1. Salmon Farms - Small gene pool (inbreeding) - Genetic abnormalities - Undesirable genes getting into wild from salmon farms 2. Limit Fishing - Enforcement?! - Less business? Economics!?


Metallic Minerals - Primary mineral: Copper - Bingham Mine – world’s largest open-pit copper mine - Uranium (at one time) Oil + Natural Gas - BC = second behind Alberta for natural gas Coal - A lot shipped to Japan - Robert’s Bank Superport