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Educational Assessment Form
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As regards to our admission criteria in foreign countries, please note down folllowing points for your consideration, before you proceed, please make sure you understand all these

(1) We advertise the area or institute where we can realy help you seek admission.

(2) We are unable to process your final selection (institute) unless we receive our fee.

(3) We only help you seek admission, visa is not our priority. On the one hand we do claim that a bondfide student is never refused a visa (Provided he meets all the eligibility criteria)  but on the other hand we are unable to guarantee you a visa. A visa is granted by the concerned embassy and we can only prepare you for the visa but can not give you a guarantee, as others do.

List of Institutions, We represent
Malaysia, CIS States & Cyprus

Study in Malaysia
Sejati Institue of Higher Learning

One of
the established and duly licensed college by Malaysian Education Department, to offer quality and affordable education in wide range of disciplines including business and IT studies. The college also offers degree programmes of New Zealand, Australian and U K universities under twinning arrangements.

Interested students may contact us for an online assessment.
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Study in CIS Countries
Russian, Ukrain, Latvia and all other CIS Studies.

One of our Education Consultant is specialist in CIS admission programs. He has, personaly, spent  seven years in CIS countries offering various services to CIS educational and financial institutions. We have agreements with various CIS states institutes. You can send us information about you and your requirements online. Our experts would contact you.
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Study in Cyprus
One of the fast growing educational market, Cyprus is becoming a member of European Union soon.

We can offer you admission in various and prestigious institutions in Cyprus. It is going to be a part of European Community soon. Then it would become very difficult to meet visa criteria for this beautiful country. It is time to act fast and decide now.
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Contact Information
PLI Consultants is an advisory and information services firm established since 1998. One of Pioneers in the services industry in Faisalabad, Pakistan, it is now providing various services worldwide in collaboration with various prestigious law and services firm around the world.

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