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Storylines are basically a play. A staged performance for all to see. They are viewed as legends of our characters life. Some are planned, others are just made up on the spur of the moment. We encourage SLs here, so whatever the reason, there are rewards for completing an SL in Nemesis. Some forums, dont give exp. or gp out to those who make up SLs, but we do, and the following are the allotments given for SLs, no matter what way you choose to write them:

-- this means that you and whoever else is in your SL get together in a private chat room and act out all of the things in your SL. its basically the same thing as RPing, but with a specific story behind it all. the reward is 10 exp. per line in the SL to whoever participates. for example, say mary starts an SL with some of her friends and it ends up running out to being one of 300 lines. each player will be rewarded 3,000 exps.

-- you wrote this SL all by yourself and has no other interaction with other players. it is simply a short story you wrote about your characters history, or something he/she is doing right now. the reward is 50 exp. per paragraph. this meaning, if mary decided to write an SL on the computer that was 4 paragraphs long, she would be rewarded 200 exps. for her efforts.

-- these are a longer version of the paragraph SL. you write it up, and send it in; the SL director of the forum will then print off the pages and count them to see how much exp is to be given. the reward for a page SL is this: 250 per page.