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Proctors in Nemesis must know how to log, and to proctor the spars correctly. If you do not know how then you will need to contact the [Proctor Coordinator] for more details. I reccomend that all proctors have a regulation number, and log their own spars, when proctoring. You will need to log, and save every match you participate in, wether proccing or not, so you may have an advantage in getting your audit.

Spar Terms

All proctors must have terms in the matches. Here is a list below, specifying, what they are, and what they mean
-OOC. You may allow OOC [out of character] or not. It does not matter, I reccomend not having OOC in your match. Because if you do, the log will be very large, and hard to send out. But wether you have OOC or not, does not really affect the spar.
-Enhancers. If you allow enhancers in a spar, you must have your regulation number, and the opponent must have theirs too. If you do not have any enhancers, i would not allow them in the spar. Enhancers are just an easier way of winning in a Spar. But if you have enhancers allowed you also must state how many are allowed. Reccomendation is opne because if you have more then one, there will be way to much chaos in the match.
-Dice, and HP. You must state what kind of dice you are going to use. [ex. Guild dice, olr set] Most people will use guild but if you have very low dice and it is just a spar, then you might want to have it set dice. Then you must stae how much HP everyone
will have, wether it be set HP or normal HP [20,30,40].
-Other. You may also play any other terms in there you wish, as it be sex moves, death moves, and so on are allowed, or [proc is god]. IT does not matter.

Death Match Terms

-You must state the reason for the DM [ex. Opponent killed family members, threatened, harmed out of match]
-You also must stae wether rezzes will be allowed, and how long they have to get one in Nemesis
-If both combatants have D90 or above, they must have a legal audit from Nemesis
-Combatants must stae dice and name.
-Next you must have the witnesses stae their names, and who they are there for. They should be 5 total people in the room at this time [2 fighters, 2 witnesses, and 1 proctor]
-Then you must stae what dice will be used. [set or forum] then you also must state the HP [all DMs must go to at least 150, unless you have low dice such as D30s and 20s, then the HP may go to 40 or whatever the proctor and the combatants decide]
-You then must stae wether regulated enhancers will be allowed. Also you must have, wether sex attacks , or dismemberments, or goofy attacks be allowed.
-For the final step you must get a verbal response from the combatants on wether they agree on the terms of the DM

Slave Match Terms

-Must state wehter it will be set or guild dice -Will regulated enhancers be allowed
-You then also must state the length of the time the loser will have to serve as a slave
-Then you may put, wether, sex, dismemberments, and goofy attacks will be allowed
-Then you may put any other terms that yo and the combatants agree on.

Honor Match Terms

-you must state whos honor is in question and the circumsances surrounding it. Yoiu must have a valid reason for the HM. Do not proctor Honor Matches without valid reasons
-State the condition of the outcome. [ex. If combatant #1 wins, then combatant #2 mustgive up his HS position]
-State what dice and HP will be used [set or guild for Dice. or set or normal. 20,30,40 for HP]
-State wether enhancers will be allowed or not, and also the combatants must have a regulation nuber
-Now you may state wether, self healing, sex, dismemberments, and honor strikes be allowed.
-Now you may place any other terms you and the combatants agree on

Release Match Terms

-You must stae the name [SN] of the person that is being released in the RM
-State the Hp, and dice of the combatants, wether set, or normal [guild; 20,30,40]
-State wether enhancers will be allowed; Must have regulation number
-State for self healing, sex, dismemberments, fatal, and honor strikes allowed.
- Now you may state any other term that you and the combatants agree on

Mass Spar Terms

-You may state wether honor strikes may be granted, but on the first round only
-You can also state wether S/a [split attacks] and R/a [Random Attacks] are allowed
-In an MS, there will be no dismemberments, or fatal attacks.
-No sex attacks, healing will be allowed
-You MAY have SiDs [Self Inflicting Damage] allowed, but most peope dont
-Teaming can or cannot be allowed. most people do not allow teaming in their MSes
-And as always the proctor has the final ruling in the descision, but please do not make stupid ones.


-When you are done with the matches, see who all wants the log and then send it to them. Dont be stengy and not send it to them because they hit you out, or you dont like them. You must send the log to everyone who wants it. When you send the log to the Auditor and the members of the matches, state hoe many people are in it, the HD [for MS'es only] and the winner.Also please state the proctor [ex: 7people HD99 - Jimmy is the winner - Joe: Proc]

Proctored logs

-When you have procotred a log, you need to save it and keep it until you have D90. but until you get there, you will need to add up your own Exp. You will get 100 times the number of people in an MS, For DMs you will get 500, for HMs, RMs, and SMs you will get 300. Adn for Spars you will get 200. For example. say you were in an MS, and you proctored for 12 people, you would get 1200Exp. when you end logs to the auditor, you need to have how many people were in it, if you procced or not, and you Exp. YOU think you earned. [the exp will be explained easier below]

Exps Earned

-Spars. 200
-MSes. 100 x number of people
-SMs, RMs, and HMs. 300
-DMs. 500

How do I get my Exp

-Do not send your longs into us until you get D90. Until then you will be adding up your own Exps. Please dont cheat, and give yourself a bunch of Exp, or edit, and made your own logs. If you do that, you will be punsih accordingly.

Gps for Proctoring

-You may charge for your services. Not for MSes, but if you proctor an SM, DM, RM, or HM you may charge. The most Gp you are able to charge will be 200 for each one. If they do not pay, you do not have to send them the log, or proctor for them.