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I. All members must accept all Nemesis forum attacks. Any member with the words 'no AAs, etc.' in their profile will be told to remove it. Failure to do so, will result in banishment from the forum.

II. All members of the forum must be respectful to the High Council at all times, because without them, what is the forum really? Nothing. If a member is found of being dis-respectful to any HC member, then they will be banished. A simple question as to why a rule came into effect, etc. will be acceptable, but any blatant disreguard of authority will be considered rebellious. On a further note, I would just like to stress that any HC member is not invincible, contrary to popular belief. They are members of the forum, and if they break the laws set forth here, then they will suffer the same punishment as any other.

III. Treason will not be tolerated. A member who is caught and convicted of being treasonous will be banished from the forum.

IV. Mun-bashing.. what the hell is this shit anyway? A bunch of people arguing over petty online matters, am I correct? Who the fuck doesn't do that shit every day of their life? Mun-bashing is not a blacklist-able term in Nemesis. I mean, honestly.. who really gives a rat's ass?

[That is all I care to write up right now. Laws subject to change should error be shown. More laws will be added at a later date, possibly. Depends on if I think of anything else I would like to take away from you little people. Lol. Kiddin']