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i. there is a 10 person minimum to join nemesis

ii. all guilds joining must be of a dark, evil, or lawful alignment.

iii. guild commanders must send in a guild roster on the 1st and 15th of every month to obtain gp and exp pools. (for more information on gp and exp pools, see below.)

iv. in the event that a guild commander leaves the guild: said guild has two weeks to choose a new guild commander. if, by the next roster, a new leader is not selected, then the guild will be dropped from our ranks.


a clan is simply a blood-bound family. they are to follow the nemesis rules for guilds, although it is entirely up to the clan elder(s) wether or not to use the generation dice (shown below) or let their family or house members use their earned dice and exp. from matches, etc.


a cult is a religious organization and follows the same rules that guilds and clans follow. the gen. dice may be used as a sort of priesthood ranking if wished, but must be approved by the forum president.