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Elmo - Lepard Gecko

the quality on these pictures is not quite good, as i had to use a special lens to get up close pictures i had to sacrafice some of the quality to get the focus

Togi - Lepard Gecko

this is Elmo, he also has his own personality, he doens't mind loud noises, and is calm around other house pets, this is not typical behavior of A Gecko, as since he is safely on the other side of 1cm thick glass, he anoys my two cats, who cannot reach him, but they both seem to enjoy it

here is my other lzard togi, he is a Lepard Gecko, he is the youngest of our family, but he doesn't pull any punches, him and Elmo oftern have rows, and shout at each other, as Togi Is placed above elmo and they talk and oftern fall out