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Tareel Cyrian

Player: Josh
Race: Human (Asclepian)Gender: Male
Deities: Amphitryon/Boreas/Aurora
Height: 5' 10"Weight: 185
Age: 19Birthday: Boreas 50


The old story of a prince-to-be far from home learning to live on his own for the betterment of himself and his people is NOT Tareel's story. While he may have been a prince-to-be, that dream was stripped away from him during one of his country's many feudalistic conflicts. While deep in his heart he has a desire to do good and lead his nation to glory, first he must take back what should be rightfully be his; that has led him to a life of adventuring and doing WHATEVER it takes to do so.


A member of the noble House Cyrian, long time holder of the Ashen Scepter, Tareel was next in his family line to take the throne. He had been preparing for this his entire life and was eagerly awaiting the day when his father, Tarius, would step down from the throne and pass the scepter on to him. However, such a day would never come. One year prior to the current date a conflict erputed between House Cyrian and House Timide. After a short but brutal war House Timide emerged victorious after Coleras Timide defeated Tareel's father in hand to hand combat. This victory meant that House Timide now had possesion of the Ashen Scepter, giving them the right to the throne. Soon after, Tareel vowed that he would defeat Coleras's son when the time came and bring the scepter back to where it rightfully belonged. To achieve this goal, he left his home in Asclepias to travel the countyside, learning what he could so that he could one day return and bring honor back to his family house.


After arriving to the coastal city of Camelyn, Tareel met up with a group of adventurers consisting of an extremly unclean dwarf, a human vagabond of a thief, and much to his surprise, an elven noble. In this begining stage Tareel still had much of his aristocratic nature, especially about those he viewed as beneath him, and would have definitely been considered snobish and rude. As time went on, he eventually got over his egotistical nature and was accepted as someone other than a noble when his newfound friends witnessed the elegant and deadly fighting style of his home nation. Along the road Tareel has realized that there is something more to him and his past than meets the eye. A great man known throughout history as a Battle Lord of Corinth lies deep in his soul and has begun to surface. While he is generally accepting of whatever may come of this, sometimes he is quite stubborn and refuses to admit anything is different about him. During this ordeal he has bonded with Jaden on another level entirely. As it turns out, Jaden has been going through some realizations about his past life as well and apparently their lives and futures are more intertwined than either of them would have ever realized. As Tareel's past life has begun to surface itself he began to realize that there was more to life than power and nobility, and instead has realized the importance of leading a good and honorable life. As such, he has recently began worshiping Aurora along with his long time devotion to the Sisters of the Storms, as Bareas and Amphityon are known in Asclepias. His newfound outlook on life have also began to reflect in his attitude towards others; Jaden and Ravenstar are begining to seem more and more dishonorable in his eyes.


In combat Tareel uses the ancient weapon of Asclepian nobility, the Ashendari. The Ashendari Forms are learned by the noble houses from an early age and display both deadly and graceful precision. Tareel chose to specialize his Ashendari style to incorporate the difficult Storm under the Bridge Manuevers, designed to trip an opponent and take advantage of his prone position, giving him the option of forcing a surrender without actually having to kill.


Most recently Tareel has aquired the legendary Sword and Shield of the Rose, last weilded by Arthas Proudmoore, Battle Lord of Corinth. However, with permission from the gods, who Tareel assumes had some part in the making of such legendary items, he is having them reforged into an Ashendari. He hopes that this new weapon will be seen as the new symbol in the battle against evil in the near future.

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