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Olaf Balderk

Player: Billy
Race: DwarfGender: MaleDeity: Demeter
Height: 4'Weight: 136Age: 76
Birthday: 39 Amphitryon


Who is Olaf of clan Balderk? There are many answers to that question. He is a husband and father. He is a priest of Demeter. He is a loyal companion to his friends. Some may call him simple, for he lacks a great deal of subtlety, but that label reduces him to a mere word.


Olaf hails from the Mountian fortress Zhunbar. There's no reason not to assume he was born there, and has lived there for most of his life. Not much has been said about his past, but nor has any attempt at hiding it been made. Olaf has served as a priest of Demeter for most of his adult life. It was during one of her festivals that he met his current wife. They have three children, one of which, Giulia, traveled with the party briefly to help resurect her father.


Olaf joined up with the party when it was originally formed. He has bonded quite well with the other original members - Jaden, Tareel, and Indigo. He worries, though, about Indigo's continued absence, and fears the worst. He's often confouned by the chaotic natures of his companions, and distraught over his current lack of hair.


Olaf fulfills two main roles in combat. First, he acts as a front-line combatant. He wields a single Dwarven Waraxe given to him by his father. Being a dwarf, and a cleric of Demeter, he also enjoys heavy armor. These factors cause his speed to be somewhat less than other party members (Jaden), but he is quite able to hold his own, once he gets there. Olaf is currently training to wield to weapons simoultaneously, and once he does, he shall acquire a second Dwarv
Many would argue that Olaf's second role is more important than the first. Blessed by Demeter, he can channel her energy into binding the wounds of his comrades instantaneously. This is a role he enjoys with great zest, as he hates to see anyone he cares about injured.


That might be a little misleading. Olaf sincerely enjoys creating small trinkets, and with the help of Demeter, he's begun making those that are somewhat useful. He recently created several Stones of Demeter's Light and gave them to his companions.

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