Raylene is... a mystery. She appears equistrian, but is obviously not, from the first glance of her rainbow hued mane to the aweful stares of those watching her walk across the air. Tareel and company are slowly learning more about one of their newest companions, and almost every day leads to a new discovery.

Raylene first joined the party during their battle with Vaughn in the lobby of Callandor. She came charging in after Tareel suffered massive bite and claw wounds at Vaughn's hands. The party then rallied and defeated Vaughn, leaving Tareel to find out what he could about their new companion. He soon learned her name, and that she was from mountains in the frigid north lands. However, in their inital communication, Tareel learned another odd fact - Raylene communicated entirely by telepathy. She also explained that her tribe worshipped both Boreas and Amphitryon, and she had felt an urging from Aurora to seek Tareel out and help him on his quests. Tareel recieved another suprise when he learned that Raylene has the ability to walk on air as smoothly as he can upon flat land.

Ever since, Raylene has served as Tareel's mount and steadfast companion. During the Thri-Keen incident, she used her telepathic powers to give the party a better idea of the situation.

Basic Informatin

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