New Magic Items


Möbius's Attack Ring: This is a simple golden band which never rusts, tarnishes, or scratches. It always appears to be brightly polished. The most significant feature is that it is in the shape of a Möbius strip; it has a single twist in it, giving it only one side. It readily resizes itself to fit any wearer, from Small to Large size. It constantly gives the wearer minute emphatic urges, providing a +1 Insight bonus to both Melee Attack and Damage. Additionally, the user may shoot up to 6 Magic Missles per day, up to three at once.
Currently Possessed by: Tareel

Wonderous Items

Headband of Thought Projection: This appears to be a simple leather headband with a small, perfect diamond about the size of a quarter in the middle. When properly worn, it sits in the center of the wearer's forehead, opposite from the knot in the back. When examined closely, it is impossible to tell how the jewel is connected; the band simply appears to stop, and the jewel begin. When Detect Magic is used, it radiates an aura of Boreas's magic. When worn, the diamond seems to catch whatever light is available, and twinkles in all but the most absolute darnkess. By concentrating on an appropriate being, the user may project thoughts to either anyone within sight, or anyone with whom he is very familiar. The second use has unlimited distance, with the same plane. This communication is entirely one-way; the recipient is not granted any ability to respond, beyong normal means. The thoughts projected are in a language of the wearer's choice; the headband in no way allows the recipient to understand a language he doesn't already. This also doesn't give the wearer any sort of mental control. Should the recipient wish to not recieve the thoughts projected at him, he may make a Will Save (DC 15).
Last Possessed by: Indigo

Stone of Demeter's Light: This is a small pebble, often unworked, but also known to be smooth, that fits easily in the palm of most humanoids. Upon command (the Dwarven word for Demeter, with the intent to ignite it) it emits light to a twenty foot radius (treat as a 0th level spell for purposes of determing how it interacts with various darkness spells). Almost all clerics of Demeter have crafted several of these stones in the course of their lifetimes.
Party information: Olaf crafted several of these minor trinkets to give to his party members so that they would not be as easily lost underground. Everyone has one except Ravenstar.

New Spells

None yet. Come on guys, get crackin'!!