New Familiars

All animals on the table below are suitable for anyone who may summon a familiar (wizards, sorcerors, bards with the Bardic Familiar feat, etc).

Armadillo+1 Natural Armor
Badger+2 on Will Saves
BatGains Darkvision, 30'
Beaver+3 Swim
Butterfly+1 to Spell DCs
Cat+3 Move Silently
Chameleon+3 Hide
Chipmunk+2 Reflex Saves
Crab+1 Natural Armor
Dog+3 Sense Motive
Eagle+3 Spot
Ferret+3 Sleight of Hand
Fox+2 Reflex Saves
Frog+3 Jump
Groundhog+3 Fort Saves
Hawk+3 Search
Hedgehog+3 Listen
Hummingbird+2 DEX
Lizard+3 Climb
Mouse+3 Hide
Opossum+3 Climb
Otter+3 Swim
OwlLow-Light Vision
Parrot+2 Int
speaks one language
RabbitRun Feat
Raccoon+3 Sleight of Hand
Rat+2 Fort Saves
RavenSpeaks one language
Scorpion+2 Saves vs. Poison
Small Constrictor
Poisonous Bite
Squirrel+3 Climb
Toad+2 CON
Turtle+1 Natural Armor
Vulture+2 Saves vs. Disease
Weasel+2 Reflex Saves