Quotes, Round 2

The same disclaimer applies to these quotes.

"It may be dumb, but its the plan." - All

"We try to drag the dwarf on the orc." -Syn

"He hit my whole face." - Martin, regarding being hit by Half-Ogre Garilous

"I'll go, but I think we should do Alessa first." -Karak

"There will be no violence in my temple." -Priest
Reply: "There will be soon after." -Karak

"This is happy fairy land." -Pete, while making little dancing motions.

"I throw the shit at him." -Cedric

"The road to hell is paved with 3rd edition rules." -Steve

"The gay 5th level mage. Talk about flaming." -Eric

"There's no small thing about you, Cedric." -Martin to 7 foot tall fighter Cedric

"For some reason, nothing is satisfying me tonight." -DM (uh oh)

"If I die and am damned, I'm coming back for you." -NPC
Reply: "Yes, yes. Stand in line." -Martin

"Pick a God and stick with it." -Karak to Raen, the multi-deity Gypsy

"God is infallible, inns have upstairs." -Steve

"Gods are funny things." -Syn

"Never poke a dwarf." -Syn
("Never poke a mage in the ribs." -Syn, under his breath)

"The last people forgot to kill them." -Don
Reply "Details, details." -Steve

"I try to fall under Raen." - Martin

"I'm going to frolic." -Martin

"Get him!" -Syn to Alessa (after casting a lightning bolt on an ape)

"I got three dead people standing all around me." -Karak

"Everyone has their faults." -Syn
Reply: "Some are more glaringly obvious than others." -Martin

"So, you would like to me stealithly sneak up the clearly visible slope..." -Martin

"Are you a real fighter now, or what?" -Karak to Alessa

"Can you make me see in the dark?" -Martin asking party mage Syn
Reply: "If I give you a torch." -Syn

"I start rolling towards Syn." -Karak

"You're a priest, you can heal yourself, you schmuck." -Karak to Solkar

"Can you trust the stable boys?" -Alessa
"Yes, you can. I slept with them last night." -Martin

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