Familiars You're Better Off Without

  1. A common garden slug
  2. A curious basalisk
  3. Fluffy, the queen's dearly loved and highly prized cat
  4. Giant Garden slug
  5. Giant War Dog in Heat
  6. Mold (any type)
  7. Green Slime (No boy! Down! Don't touch my leg.... *squish*)
  8. Rot Grub
  9. Giant Cockroach
  10. Intellect Devourer
  11. Ear Seeker
  12. Disenchanter
  13. Haddock
  14. Dormouse
  15. Penguin
  16. Flea
  17. Bee
  18. Smurf
  19. Skunk
  20. Rust Monster (Your familiar ate WHAT!)
  21. Disenchanter Beast (Your familiar did WHAT!!!!!)
  22. Trapper, Mimic (Here Fluffy, dang it, where is that mangy beast?)
  23. Bookworm (Dang, Hungry again? Fluffy, have you been at my Libram of Ineffable Darkness again? Why are your eyes glowing?)
  24. Wil-o-wisp (Fluffy, fetch my shoes, dammit!)
  25. Juggernaut (Your familiar rolled over WHAT!!!)
  26. Giant Centipede
  27. The ex-apprentice of the wizard on the otherside of the street. (Why horrible? Look in one of the other lists :)
  28. "You have developed a strong empathic link to a small blob of surprisingly intelligent green slime." :-)
    The best bit: He can't kill it, 'cause it's his familliar. And he's got to feed it, and it grows every time he feeds it, so this is soon going to be a er, sticky situation.
  29. Tarrasque (Your Familliar ate What? Waterdeep?)
  30. Red or Gold dragon 'Ah cant remembah the last time ah got an experience point... '
  31. How about a Magebane?

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