Product Listing

I have been asked,  'What products were released for these wonderful out-of-print books?' Here is a complete listing of them.


Gangbusters 1st Edition: comprised a GM's and a Player's Guide.
Gangbusters 3rd Edition: all of the above in one book.
GB 1: Trouble Brewing: an adventure module
GB 2: Murder in Harmony: an adventure module
GB 3: Death on the Docks: an adventure module with pregenerated characters.
GB 4: The Vanishing Investigator: an adventure module
GB 5: Death in Spades: an adventure module with pregenerated characters.


Gangster Box Set: a two book box set comprising a law man's guide and a law breaker's guide
Gangster miniatures
G-Men miniatures
City Patrol miniatures


Noir Core Rule Book
Shades of Noir 1: a fiction anthology
Shades of Noir 2: a fiction anthology

I feel that I should mention that there are 6 other Noir books lying unpublished on the author's computer, including the start of a revised edition. He was asked to write the books and was never paid for them when the company went broke. Will they ever see the light of day? We can only hope!


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