Only the update to say there has been less news than there was last time I updated!


Not much in the way of news I am afraid. From last year's run of games (and promised games) that were mafia fun, this year certainly has been a dry spell. 

Fly from Evil still isn't out, but the transcripts of emails I have received from S. John Ross about Fly from Evil are still here.

Mafia d20 has supposedly been released. I have seen no such book!

Anyone familiar with Generic Destinies may be interested in Roaring Destinies, as '50s chic mobster-related version of this rules system. This is currently in development and I have been promised a copy when it comes out. More info then, but for now you can get to know the Generic rules here. Anyone that is interested as I am may want to give Craig a little nudge in the right direction!


Get the hell outta here!


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