I am hoping to be able to find some adventures for other games as well. If you have any mob adventures that worked, please send them to me.

I find it interesting that no gaming company, other than TSR, has brought out adventures for their mob games. Most of the things that are on here are going to have to be homebrew.


Call of Cthulhu

Jenkins Lives

This is a freebie from the Wizard of the Coast web page in pdf format. Once again, this one doesn't involve mobsters, per se, but could.

Cyberpunk 2020 ( or Shadowrun)

The Mafia Job Starter Kit (zipped Word file)

Matter of Trust (zipped Word file)

I found this on a website. Intended for Cyberpunk but could easily be used for Shadowrun.

Dime Heroes

There are two adventures, for this wonderful game, both of which are written by Mark Bruno, the man that brought us Mean Streets.

The Dame was Loaded

The Lost Pharaoh (this one doesn't have to involve mobsters, but could very easily) 

These are available free from Deep 7. You just have to become a member. This does take a while to process you into their system, but the freebies are worth it.


Here is an outline of each of the modules. I own GB1, 2, 3 and 5... so any further questions just email me.

Trouble Brewing GB1

Murder in Harmony Module GB2 

Death on the Docks Module GB3

The Vanishing Investigator GB4

Death in Spades Module GB5


The O'Lauren Gang (as I ran it)


This is the only game on this site that I have found adventures for. How much they relate to the mob is very debatable. Once again, each GM can change it to fit in with the mob as they like.

New York, New YAAHH!!! (zipped Word file)

Visit the Editor's Wastebaket for more Nightbane adventures or the Palladium Fan Sites.

WoD: Mafia

This is a small synopsis of an adventure I found from here. I personally disagree with the idea that the Technocracy are in the mafia (as the in the Guide to the Technocracy and the NWO Convention Book) because there is information of them fighting against it. But it can be adapted to other characters.

The Dirty Workers (html)

Deep 7

From the wonderful people that created Mean Streets and gave us Dime Heroes, there is another city setting and adventure. It is for their action movie game called 'Full Clip' and this scenario involves several members of the Yakuza. It is called 


Centre City 

and is available from their freebies section of their website.


See our Shade of Grey campaign site... or the characters involved.


Here are some general things for mob adventures

Other organised crime


Get the hell outta here!


or Art Gallery