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Helpful Links About Weight Loss Surgery

These links were very helpful to me in creating a support system, and for educating myself about weight loss surgery. I hope you find them helpful as well. If you have a link you think should be here, send me an email. I will be happy to spread the message. 

B.M.I. Calculator.  Your body mass index (BMI) is a simple math calculation that determines your weight-to-height ratio. Typically a BMI of 40 is an indication that you may be a surgical candidate. 

The Bandsters Website.  This website was one of the first I visited for information about Lap Band weight loss surgery. It gave me access to some amazing journals to read, and other great links.

The Bandsters National Message Board. Visit and join and read the achieves. It contains many answers to the most frequently asked questions, for bandsters and pre-bandsters. 

The Official Website of Inamed. These are the manufactures of the band and the website contains many helpful tips, and explains the purpose and procedure of the Lap Band. was very useful in researching procedures, hospitals, doctors, and meeting other people that had or was wanting to have surgery. Also were included were very impressive photos. You can set up your own profile. 



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