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I came across the stationery by accident for MSIE's Outlook Express and I liked them so much that I thought I have a try in doing some although I must say I had a big help with srippy can get it fromHEREMaybe you like to try..THESE ARE ALL SCROLLING STATIONERY...But most of my stationery are made with tutorials I found HEREWhich I like to thank them for the great help in posting these tutorials for people like me (bigginers)Thanks


Unzip the file with an unzipping utility like Win-Zip

You can get this program if you don't have one from
HERE Just follow their instructions for unzipping files.
You can unzip or extract the files directly to your stationery folder or to another location on your hard-drive.

  • You can download each stationery by doing the reading instructions:
  • Save it to C:\UNZIPPED\ or some other location on your hard-drive. best save it to the Desk-Top so you know where it is and can delete after you unzipped it or
  • INSTALL DIRECT & USE THIS STATIONERY: Move all the files that you've unzipped to your stationery folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery

  • To use each of these as stationery in Outlook Express, simply click on the tiny arrow next to the "New Message" button, then click "Select stationery". Select the stationery you want to use for your email message. It will appear in your "Preview Window". Next, click "OK" and write your message. Note: In order to write on the stationery, place your cursor right before the words "Text Message Here" erase the words, Then start typing there, the images may appear in the wrong place in the edit window. Don't worry about that. When you preview the script, they will move into their appropriate place,its best to first send to yourself that way you know how it looks before you send to others, I always try them on myself

  • How to delete stationery from your OE (outlook express)
    maybe you have so many you want to remove some

  • Go to your window explorer and on the left hand side go to........ c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\stationery\ high light the stationery folder, on the right hand side there will be a list of all the stationeries if you want to remove some of the stationery just click VIEW ON THE TOP OF YOUR WINDOW GO DOWN ON THE MENU AND CLICK ARRANGE ICON --BY NAME on the right window there will be a list of all the stationery files high light the stationery you want to remove right click on it and click on delete

  • :All said and done now to the Stationery:

    : CLICK next:
  • Or Choose From Pulldown Menu

  • Most of all I like to thank all those
    who take time to put up tutorials as without them I couldn't do this site..
    And the artist who gave me permission to use their arts and graphics
    I will put their link on the page in which I use their work..
  • Thank You!

  • These not to be included in any collection or copied on cd's and sold..
  • Thank You!

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