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For the record, he's not. Yeah there might not be a comic on Friday due to Photoshop. I'm gonna learn it, learn it good. Vote for me if you like cookies.


Hey, hows it goin? Me? I'm good. Well the comic is up because I finally made one. Don't forget to vote for me!!!!



Ok, I know you've all been wondering where a new comic is, right? Well we are taking this week off to make a story. Yes a true ongoing story. Will these make the comic suck? Yea, if you don't like stories. No, if you like stories. But regardless of the stroy we will still retain our video game humor and we will implement original fart jokes. Well maybe not but if it keeps your readin... then your just weird.


No, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard its all good and stuff.

No, we're not dead. We are very much alive. I got Morrowind for computer and PSO for the GC, but not online yet. Will have soon, guild card me at Troggles!!!


It's Halloween!. Yay free candy woo woo woo!!

I'm going to get PSO for GC. My name will be Troggles of course!



I heard that our Sam Goody doesn't have it yet. That will piss off many a people. I don't care. Never got into GTA anyway.


Yep, its true. Its always sad to see a gamer go.

Nvidia GeForce 5 was delayed several months :(. I want something new now!!!

I got sixth on the Top Web Comics Break out game. Beat that!!


If you haven't seen it click here. I love it to death. So much can be found at Hamncheez. Just check it out


Yes, its true. Don't we all feel so sorry for him? Not really, I never got into GTA anyways. I might pick up the PC version, if there is one.

Yes those are new character designs you are looking at! I made them myself, just sorta popped into my head one day so I drew them.

Got my self addicted to MacHall the other day. Its pretty cool, check it out.

Yes I do have one more thing to say. I got the full version of Unreal Tournament 2003 Saturday, and I can't stop playing bombing run, its so addictive. You migh see me as Allen on there. If you do, go easy on me, I can't aim worth crap.



Sorry folks, no new comic for today. Jib and I are coming up with new character designs, and new art styles to try. This will enhance your eyes when we are done.



I hate the media. The comic says all I need too.

Oh! Oh! Notice the great art on it?? Thats all me.



Comic here.

I guess Jib is getting mad at me for wanting the comic done on time. Like I'm some kind of control freak. Pshaw.



The comic is up

This one came out of nowhere. No inspiration, no special stories. Nothing. Cool.



Today's comic can be found here.

Yes, it is true I changed the ending on last weeks comic. It wasn't that it wasn't funny, it just didn't work right. I made the art in this one because I felt like it.



Sorry for the delay. Heres "Friday's" comic. New ones up Tuesday and Thursday this week and next week we will return to the normal schedule.

Tekken 4 is awesome. I know its kind of slow but its still great. Check it out.



New comic up now! Its the first so it sucks. Just kidding. Check it out.



Well the site now has a brand new layout. I didn't like the old one, it was just too complex for people with low resolutions. But this one will work for now.