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Removing Your Stock Engine

1. Apply the parking brake
2. Disconnect battery
3. Loosen the front lug nuts
4. Jack up the car
5. Support car with jack stands
6. Remove front wheels
7. Remove the splash shield
8. Remove hood
9. Drain coolant
10. Drain engine oil
11. Drain transmission oil
12. Remove air intake tube from throttle body to air box
13. Remove battery
14. Remove battery tray
15. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail
16. Disconnect the return fuel line from the fuel pressure regulator
17. Disconnect and unbolt the wiring harness that runs to the resistor so that it is free of the chassis
18. Unbolt the ground strap from the valve cover
19. Disconnect the throttle cable
20. Unplug the engine wiring harness connectors from right rear of engine bay
21. Unbolt the engine wiring harness from the chassis by the left strut tower
22. Disconnect the alternator wire from the under hood fuse box
23. Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose from the intake manifold
24. Disconnect the emissions control vacuum hoses from the intake manifold
25. Disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses from engine
26. Disconnect heater hose from the engine
27. Unbolt radiator mounts
28. Unplug all radiator fan plugs
29. Remove coolant overflow tank
30. Remove radiator with fans still attached
31. Disconnect both pieces of shift linkage from transmission
32. Disconnect clutch cable
33. Remove speedometer drive cable be sure to keep the retention clip (Donít loose it or the cable wonít stay in and no VTEC for you!)
34. Unbolt exhaust manifold down pipe from the catalytic converter
35. Unbolt the 14mm through bolts at the top of the strut forks
36. Remove the forks from the struts and lower control arms
37. Remove the two 17mm nuts on the lower ball joints
38. Lift the hub out of the lower control arm
39. Unplug the half shafts. Swing them out of the way.
40. Fold all wiring and hoses onto the engine that are attached to it
41. Hook up lifting chains to the engine
42. Lift engine slightly
43. Remove all motor mount bolts
44. Check that the engine is free one last time
45. Lift engine and transmission from engine bay slightly angled down on the passenger side

Thatís how you take an engine out. It shouldnít take you too long. Shouldn't take any more than 2 hours with one person and normal hand tools.

Also, there are a few more steps that you'll have to do before you can drop the new engine in.

1. Clean everything that you canít get at when the engine is in the car and also paint anything that needs to be painted.
2. Unplug the wiring harness from the MAP sensor and purge control solenoid.
3. Remove the MAP sensor and purge control solenoid assembly from the firewall. You will not be needing these with the new engine, so you can just get rid of them.
4. Unbolt and unplug the resistor from the left rear of the engine bay(if equipped). You can also get rid of this because you wonít be using it on the new engine.